Treatment to Release Erroneous Beliefs

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Purpose and Recognition:  In life, when things get tumultuous, what we can be sure of, is that there is some belief operating within us that is guiding us toward our shipwreck.  Often, we believe that core values we hold onto serve us in some righteous way; as if these values are the reason for living.  Letting go of values of the past to move into the present require a Release of Erroneous Beliefs…Say:


There is only Cause in the Universe.  That Cause is the only Energy and the only Life that there is.  Cause operates outside of and without values.  Energy moves by its own nature and doesn’t require any belief for Its activity.  God, Energy, Cause are One and the Same.  Because God is, I Am.  All Causation is limitless, it is everything there is, and therefore, there can be no one set value or set of values in it.


Unification: I know that I am One in God, One of God, One as God.  My energy moves me through life as me, for I am that One Infinite Cause…that One Infinite Good…that One without belief and without a value system.


Realization: I realize the fallacy in holding onto things for my own personal set of values.  I know that my core values are erroneous beliefs in ideas of identity.  Any identity I have is purely an expression of God, and therefore, those things which I value, those ideas which I adhere to, and those actions which I strive to execute in my life are meaningless in the Perfection which is God within me.  God in me knows only the Perfection of its Being.  Anything which hinders the fullest expression of God in me is NOW easily let go of, no longer necessary to guide me through my moral or value system.  I set down values for the Truth which is Spirit within me, Spirit which expresses as All-Loving, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and Every Where Present.  I see the fallacy in holding beliefs thinking that they are Good, or that they could serve me.  I know that the only belief I require to live a happy and successful life is that God within me is already doing everything necessary for my perfect and right unfoldment.  I allow my beliefs to escape from me, like air escapes an untied balloon.  I float into the realization of the Energy that is God as my very Being.  I no longer hold onto my beliefs, and in their place I let Love support my every experience.


Thanksgiving: I give thanks for this Truth.  I give thanks for seeing the Truth behind my beliefs, and I offer up my willingness to “let go” as a demonstration of my gratitude.


Release:     I release my Word into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing, believing and accepting that the energy of Love has instructed the Law and there is absolutely nothing for me do but proclaim…


        And so it is.  Amen        


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