Treatment to Lift a Heavy Heart

lift a heavy heart

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Purpose and Recognition:  In the midst of life’s challenges, whether they be losses, failures, health challenges, or just being in overwhelm, sometimes there is a burden that our heart must endure.  As we reach into the Truth of our being, what we find is that this process that so many people talk about—grief—really is something that needs to be released so that the heaviness of our heart can be lifted.  To Lift a Heavy Heart…Say:


There is a Truth about Life that is available to everyone.  That Truth is the Power of Love that exists throughout Life and it exists even in the most unlikely places.  I know that Love is the enlightenment of each and every creation, making it buoyant and joyous eternally.  All that God has created is made of the Perfect Loving Source that keeps All Things and All People in direct unity with It.  God, the Power that lifts, is right where I am.


Unification: I know that I am One with Love.  One with the Power that Lifts a Heavy Heart, and that in God, my heart is full and complete, buoyant and satisfied.  I am One with the Truth that uplifts and directs.  I am One with the Power that shows up as my Life NOW!  God is the Truth of my being and that being sheds Its weight and becomes the lighter side of Life with each beat of my heart.


Realization: I recognize an existence of a Greatness that overcomes within me.  I allow myself to no longer suffer from unwanted or hurtful moments and instead, I celebrate that each and every second of my life and every experience I have had, brings me closer to shedding those things which have cause me grief and pain.  I allow the Power of Love to transform me and Lift My Heavy Heart so that I walk lightly, and with ease and Grace, through any experience of my life.  I know that God in me is me and It is expressing Its Divine Nature as my very life.  I hold myself up in the midst of any crisis that may befall me knowing that the Truth of my being is “I am One as God.”  One is my majority.  I “let be” those things which try to imprison me to believe that my heart is heavy or that I have endured some pain.  I choose to recognize the gift in every experience rather than the pain.  I choose to see God in my life as my Life.  I accept myself as being the Greatest Love and I allow the Spirit of inspiration to move me.  I set my path on the lighter side of life and no longer allow the burden of despair to come upon me.  Like Job…I overcome that which I have feared and my heaviness and my burden is NOW lifted.


Thanksgiving:  I am so very grateful to NOW experience this new lightness.  I give thanks for the freedom that the Truth has created in my heart.  I humbly offer my thanks for seeing, feeling and sensing the ease and Grace of God within me.


Release:     And I release my Word into the Law of Mind, realizing this Greater Truth as my Truth Now.  I allow the Law to demonstrate this according to my consciousness, and that consciousness is activated by and through Love NOW!


        And so it is.  Amen


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