Treatment to Hear My Higher Wisdom Self

Inner Wisdom Trust

Click Here to Download a printable pdf version:  Treatment to Hear My Higher Wisdom Self

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Purpose and Recognition:  Learning to Trust can always be difficult if we are focusing on things that didn’t work out the way we thought they should.  When we work hard to achieve something and things show up differently than our plans, it’s not unusual for our faith to be impacted.  What have we been listening to?  This is important for us to know.  If we listen to that voice that is defeating or limiting, and we keep pushing against our own better judgment, what needs to happen is to Hear our Higher Wisdom Self…Say:

I know that the voice of God within me is the most True most Real thing in my life.  God, the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent reality is all that there is.  This Power and Presence that is God is All Knowing and it is always speaking Its Word making things of Itself.  Everything is a manifestation of the demonstration of the One Consciousness which is Love.  Love is the Higher Wisdom Self of the Universe.

Unification: I am One with the Love that is God.  I am Whole in my awareness through the activity of Infinite Intelligence within me.  I am the listener of Truth that is deposed to me through the Omniscience of God.  I am One with the Higher Wisdom Self within me.  All that I am is the Truth of being and that Truth is my Truth NOW!

Realization: I realize a Greater Truth that comes from within me as being the Absolute.  I anchor into this knowing because the Higher Wisdom Self within me is constantly guiding me and directing my paths, making every crooked path straight.  I easily am comforted by My Higher Wisdom Self because I know that It and It alone, is the only Truth I need to hear to be set free.  I accept this Truth NOW, allowing my life to conform to the ways of Truth and to move out of fear and doubt.  I no longer hold on to anything that limits me or binds me to pain and suffering an in its place I rest in the loving embrace of the Creator.  I acknowledge God in all my ways and believe that the voice I hear within me is God.  I know Its sound.  I realize Its call to action.  I abide in the Truth of My Higher Wisdom Self and I celebrate in the joy that all things are working together for the Good.  This is the day which God hath made and I am glad and I rejoice in it!

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the Power and the Presence in my life.  My heart is filled with gratitude for the Truth that sets me free.  I allow this Perfect Love that is God to celebrate as me in this moment of gratefulness.

Release:     And it is from this place in consciousness that I surrender my trust and put forth  into the Law of Mind the Word of Truth, knowing that the Law knows what to do with it, when and how it is to be done.  I know longer wrestle with doubt for I know that the Wisdom of the Universe has acted upon my word and made it so.

And so it is.  Amen       


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