Treatment to Create Balance of the Heart and Mind

balance of Heart and Mind

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Purpose and Recognition:  We live in a busy and hectic world.  Things move so quickly that quite often we don’t have enough time to check and make sure that every decision and every action we take has an equal Balance of the Heart and Mind.  If these two are out of balance then we can very easily be driven to poor choices and poor relationships with people, events and reaching our goals.  Our emotions shouldn’t drive us, but they should be a weighing-in measure of every decision.  And equally, our heart shouldn’t be heavy-laden to be so loving or hard that it affects the ability to feel our intuitive truth.  To Create a Balance of the Heart & Mind…Say:


I know that the Infinite Heart of God is always right where I am.  Everything that has feeling flows through the Heart of God.  Everything that lives emotes the expression of the Divine.  All that is constitutes a balance of the Heart of God and the Mind that is God.  I know that Love is the Balance of the Heart and Mind of God.  Infinite Life is always demonstrating Balance, Peace, Harmony and Joy.  This demonstration is Prosperity.  This demonstration is Wholeness and Completeness.


Unification: I know that I am One with the Wholeness and the Completeness that is God.  I am that Perfect Balance of the Heart and Mind that is God in me.  I claim to “be” that which maintains its balance through the Activity of Love.  I am Living Love.  I am One with the demonstration of Prosperity, Joy, Harmony, Balance and Peace.  I am One with the Truth that is Infinite Life within me.


Realization: I realize the greater Truth of my being through maintaining and expressing an emotional, mental and spiritual balance in my life.  That Life is God showing up in Its Perfection right where I am.  As I create order in my life, Life creates the perfect expression of equally measured decisions between my heart and mind, just as God is that same expression of Order, Peace, Balance, Harmony and Joy.  There is nothing which can knock me off balance for I am the equilibrium of Spirit in Its Perfect Measurement.  Nothing escapes the freedom of ebb and flow in the Universe and I easily and effortless bend and sway with each and every decision I make, allowing the perfect unfoldment of my feelings and my emotions, my intellect and my knowledge, my actions and my efforts, to always be maintaining the balance of Life within me.  I neither reject nor project those things which come to me first through Love, but rather, I listen intently to the meditations of my heart to “see” where the congruency is, and I take the necessary action to employ my intellect to further propel me into right decision.  All of my actions are based in faith.  All of my thoughts support the fulfillment of my mind.  Of all my being is in Perfect Alignment with the Truth that God in me maintains all Balance and Order.  I know it is so and I CLAIM IT!


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful that this is the Truth about me.   My balance is Gratitude!


Release:    I release this into the Law of Mind and know it is done NOW!   


And so it is.  Amen   


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