Treatment to Take the Next Step in Life

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Purpose and Recognition:  When we get stuck, or when things don’t seem to be moving in the direction we would like, and at the speed we need, what we might discover is that we have a block, an expectation, or false belief hindering our demonstration.  Each time that we hold onto something needing to show up a specific way, or to have a specific outcome, what we have done is limited the Universe from providing for us in a Whole and Complete manner.  When this happens we cannot Take the Next Step in Life.  To Take the Next Step in Life…Say:


All that is making itself known is God.  All that ever exists is God.  All that ever fulfills itself is God.  Everything in the Universe comes into being through the activity of the Mind of God, and God is never late, hindered or incomplete.  That which is God is the Fullness and the Allness, the Completeness and the Wholeness.  God is the everlasting demonstration of Love.


Unification: I know that I am One of God, One in God, One as God.  My life is the culmination of every Good thing right NOW!  Each and every activity that takes place in my life is the Life of God demonstrating Its Love by means of me.  The Fullness of God and the Allness of God is who and what I am.  All that I Am is the activity and the demonstration of the Mind of God.  This Oneness is All Good, and it is my Good NOW!


Realization: I realize the very Presence of God in my life.  Everything in my life is orchestrated through the activity of Love demonstrating as the Perfect and Right Time in the Perfect and Right Way.  All that I seek is already right where I am and I do not have to earn it, to create it or to try to manipulate it into being.  IT is.  I Am.  I am in the full and complete realization of those things which I endeavor to achieve, recognizing that as I surrender control over things and events, things and events become the perfect expression of God.  I willing surrender my control for the Perfection of Spirit within me to arrive and perform according to Its Good Works, therefore everything in my Life now allows me to Take the Next Step in Life.  I am so ready!  I am so willing!  I am so filled with inspiration!  I am so motivated!  God in me is alive!  I sense the very activity of the Mind of God in me directing me toward the Next Step in Life and I joyously place my heart into this awareness.  I live in Joy!  I celebrate progress!  I am anchored in this Truth and I do not waver!


Thanksgiving:  I thank you Spirit for the activity of this treatment unfolding in perfection.  I thank you God for the ability to Take the Next Step in Life.  I thank you Love for supporting me in All Things.


Release:    And I release this treatment, my Word, into the Law of Mind, knowing that it is so.  I feel it, I sense it and I believe it is done!


        And so it is.  Amen.       



  1. Donna Roberts says:

    I am so grateful you are publishing these heart-felt treatments. The expansive principle of Love is a torrent of Divine Activity and I am One with the Grace and Mystery of God’s Wholeness and I say YES!, forever!

    • Awesome Donna! As we move toward our greater receptivity of that Divine Essence within us…these treatments begin to unfold in their own expression of Spirit from within us. We hear them differently, and we feel them differently, and we also know that they are True on a level that goes beyound our thinking! Oops—a little Emma snuck out there!


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