Treatment to Endure Life’s Challenges

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Purpose and Recognition:  Each one of us has probably said that life brings us challenges.  Sometimes those same challenges seem overwhelmingly impossible, and sometimes, when we can actually look back on those challenges from the other side, what we discover is those same overwhelming challenges opened the door of opportunity for us in ways that we never considered.  Having a positive attitude when things get tough in life is our best elixir to sooth the challenges into workable events.  To Endure Life’s Challenges…Say:


I see the Energy and the Life of God in All Things.  I recognize that there is some Great Power moving things through the Universe and producing everything that is present in Life.  I recognize this Energy to be the activity of Life demonstrating; taking shape, and creating change.  God is the activity of change.  God is the motivator and innovator of All Good.  That Good, is surrounding me and everyone, and gifting us with the immeasurable ability to always have more than any of us could ever imagine.


Unification: I know that the Energy of God is my Energy NOW!  I am One with the Power and the Presence that creates All Good.  I am One with the Energy which overcomes that which is energy-less.  I am the demonstration of Goodness, and Completeness.  My very being is motivated and innovated by the Creator which is God and I am One with this change NOW!


Realization: Just because things don’t always look the way I want them too doesn’t mean that God isn’t in the midst of my experiences.  Just because I don’t know how to do something when things are overwhelming doesn’t mean that there isn’t a Presence and an Energy available to me to motivate me and innovate change from within me.  I acknowledge the very Energy that is God in my life NOW; Energy that flows through me and becomes me at that perfect and right moment, just when I require it.  I am never left alone to discover solutions.  I am never left without any suitable means to discover the Power and Presence and to utilize It to my fullest capacity and to rely upon this Energy as the One Gift:  LOVE.  I Endure Life’s Challenges because I utilize the Power of God within me to transform my worst experience into the best gift possible for me.  I accept this greater awareness so much that I NOW humble myself before God to move out of my own way and let that Divine Power which is Love transform my life completely.  I accept my healing as a God revealing.  I proclaim victory of Life’s Challenges through the faith that “with God…all things are possible.”


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the very Power of Truth in this Treatment.  I give thanks for the Word of God acting upon my word.  I celebrate through gratitude the activity of Mind casting out all doubt and turning even the most senseless moments of fear into moments of high resolve.  I am so very grateful to speak this as the Truth right here and right NOW!


Release:    I release this prayer, this treatment, into the Law of Mind, the Mind which knows only Itself, and acts upon Its own Word.  I know that it is done easily and effortlessly NOW!  My Endurance is increased and this Treatment has already manifested.       


 And so it is.  Amen.



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