Treatment to Live Life by the Operation of Principle

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Purpose and Recognition:  Everything in life cooperates by some physical, universal and spiritual principle.  This operation is the culmination of the activity of a Mind that knows; it knows what it believes and what it doesn’t believe.  When we are out of sorts with our life, or certain aspects of our life just don’t seem to be flowing the way we think they should be, the use of Principle is not within its proper operation by us.  To Live by the Operation of Principle…Say:


I know that there is only One Causative Principle in the Universe which creates everything.  All Things work in Perfect operation with Principle for Principle has created All Things.  God is The Principle.  That Principle is Mind.  Mind is the cause of All that is.  Nothing moves unless Mind moves it.  This is the One Principle by which all things have their Life.


Unification: I am One with Life.  One with the Principle which creates Life within me.  My demonstration of living is proof of my unity with the activity of Principle showing forth as Mind.  God moves upon me for God is me in me.  I am the cause for the perfect Operation of Principle bringing about those experiences which tailor who I am, and what I am.  I am one mind that creates my life.


Realization:  I realize that my mind creates the very existence which I am having, and which I see all others having.  “What I look with I find.  Whatever I think, I see.”  Therefore I claim that “there is but One Mind thinking thoughts,” and those thoughts are NOW fully realized expressions of beauty, wholeness, wisdom and Love.  My use of the Operation of Principle shows me to an even greater extent, that All Things, find their point of origination within an activity that encompasses all aspects of God.  God as Life, God as Truth, God as Love, God as Completeness, God as Principle.   Because I know this for myself, I proclaim that each experience I have in life is a demonstration of this very same Truth.  There could be no other activity taking place in my mind, whether that is a belief, an intention, or an action; for only that which is One can be whole.  “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” therefore, “all that is living and all that is Substance is Principle.”  All of my life then, every aspect of living that I experience, is the perfect Operation of Principle within me.  I am the very activity of Mind in completeness and in wholeness.  I accept this for myself and others right NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I give great thanks for this realization.  I give thanks for knowing that all physicality, all emotionality, all spirituality, is One and the same.  One.  It is from this place of complete unity within me that I acknowledge the Love that lives and moves and has its being by means of me, and I surrender any false idea that limits this treatment from demonstrating.  I know it is God, and I give thanks for It!


Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind, accepting the complete outcome to be done NOW!


And so it is.  Amen.   



  1. marispirit says:

    Thank you for reminding me we are ALL of one mind…..I so forget this when I see others do horrible things I think HOW can I be of THAT mind….but I know God is in all things and people no matter what they do!

    • You are amazing Mari. I love that you read all these and have some recognition of Truth within you that comes forward to light your life up. That’s what is making the difference on this planet. Let’s all keep doing this!


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