Treatment to Realize Greater Riches

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Purpose and Recognition:  Sometimes in life we strive to achieve certain new endeavors for reasons that we feel will enhance our experience of Life.  What we discover is that after we have completed all the necessary steps to take to land at the place of where we believe our riches will be waiting, we find that the work now truly begins and that all our previous work only brought us to the door of opportunity.  To step through the door of opportunity and realize greater riches…Say:


I know the Infinite Storehouse of Good is the everlasting substance of God.  God being the All in All, always supplies Life with everything necessary for a successful eternity.  The riches of the Universe flow endlessly through, around and in all those things which the Creator brought forth, and those things are Right Here Right NOW!  God, the sustainer and maintainer of the Universe fills all time and space with Its Good.  God is Good and Good is God.


Unification: I am One with the substance that is God.  God in me is me, and I am One with the Good that God is.  My Good is One with me, and I can never be separated from God, the substance that is God, and the Good that God is.  I am richly blessed by accepting my Oneness with Eternal Love, which is the storehouse of Substance.  As I am One with Love, Love is One with me.


Realization:  I realize the greater truth of Love.  I accept and claim for myself right here and right NOW, the eternal flow of Good is coming from within me and not from without me.  I no longer seek external satisfaction and in place of it, I live from a place of knowing my satisfaction is not in things, it is in God.  God is the Good I choose to know.  Good flows to me and through me into all my affairs, all of my endeavors and is the Greater Riches to behold.  I easily and effortlessly turn everything over in faith to the Supreme Reality which is Love, joyously surrendering any need to control my Good, but rather, yielding to the recognition that only I can manage the Good that God endlessly gives me.  It is not mine to keep or to hold, it is mine to share and live.  I realize the Greater Riches as being Eternal, Endless, Fulfilling, and Loving.  I seek only to express my Divinity and know that God in me is my Riches.  God in me is my Successes.  God in me is Love.  God in me is the only Good I need to know.  As I acknowledge the Creator, I acknowledge my Greater Riches are right where I am.  I see the Perfection of Love pouring forth into my experience NOW.  I feel Its Presence.  I sense Its Wholeness.  I claim Its Completeness.  I NOW Realize Greater Riches.


Thanksgiving:  I thank you Spirit within for always supplying all that I need and desire.  I thank you Love for gifting me with unconditional endless supply.  I thank you Life for being that which I am and everything that I might desire.  My heart is filled with gratitude for this realization…


Release:  So I release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing it is done and done BIG!     

                                                 And so it is.  Amen.   


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