Treatment to Forgive Myself and Others 2013

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Treatment to Forgive Myself and Others 


Purpose and Recognition:  The biggest block that we ever encounter in life is an inability to forgive.  When we forgive we permit ourselves and others to move freely through life without our control and ultimately, we lighten our load tremendously.  Learning to forgive ourselves and others is the single most important necessity for achieving a life of success and fulfillment.  To Forgive Myself and Others…Say:

I know that in the Mind of God everyone is already everything they should be or need to be.  In God, All are Perfect just as we are.  God is the most True, most Real Thing about each and every one of us, and as such, God in me is equal to the God in every one.  All that God is comes forward through forgiveness.  This Infinite Life of God within me and All People, All Life in fact, is already functioning with Its Perfection just as it should be.  There is none other activity but the Will of God.

Unification: I know that I am One in God, One of God, One as God.  My life unfolds with the same Perfection as the Life of God.  There is only Pure Truth within me which is Love.  I am One in Love, One as Love, One of Love.  My Perfect Wholeness is comprised of a givingness which is forgiveness.  I am For-Giving.

Realization:  I recognize the realization of my Perfect Life right here and right NOW!  I see everything, in this moment, with a Spiritual Knowledge, and this shows me that there is an innocence within all people and within all things.  There is nothing in the Universe which intends me harm, therefore I NOW surrender all aspects of my mind which finds a need to be protected from any sense of hurt.  I accept that my forgiveness of myself and others levels the playing field, and makes of me a victor in surrendering those aspects of my mind that blocks my Divine Overcoming.  As I utilize forgiveness in my Life, my Life is enhanced and overflowing with Love.  Forgiveness opens the floodgates of Love and creates in and through and around me, all those things which up until NOW were unable to enter into the storehouse of my fulfillment.  I open myself up to receive miracles where my perception held me captive through fear.  I now experience the miracle of forgiveness in all my experiences; experiences with family, friends, co-workers, and even those that I previously held as enemies.    I forgive all my mistakes and the mistakes of others, clearly seeing NOW the importance of setting myself and others free from my judgment.  The road is paved with Love and I joyously walk upon it!

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the gift of forgiveness and accept Its Full and Complete healing NOW!  My gratitude for all those that have been a part of my path is overflowing with Love, for I see the gift they have bestowed upon me.

Release:  And it is from this place in consciousness, the place where Love abounds, the place where forgiveness has already created the miracle, that I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, experiencing the fruition of Love pouring forth into my affairs.   

And so it is.    Amen



  1. Forgiveness allows me to be relieved of bitterness also. Thanks for your prayers. We read in 21st Century Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “An understood Principle releases people from problems, and reveals the self-perpetuating and harmonious phases of everything.”

    • Mary Baker Eddy certainly was a front runner to New Thought. Ernest Holmes took many elements from Christian Science…Thank You Cheryl. I do have a blog on forgiveness as well. Appreciate your feedback and insight. Rev. Les.

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