Treatment to Celebrate New Beginnings

celebrate beginnings

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Purpose and Recognition:  I have often heard it said that “today is the first day of the rest of your life,” but how many of us celebrate each and every day as if this were true?  Today marks the beginning of the New Year and with it comes a tremendous responsibility toward all of life and what this year has in store for us.  I believe that if we mixed the ideas of resolution and creating a new year, what we end up with is a cause to celebrate new beginnings…Say:


I believe in the Infinite Freshness of Life Itself.  I know that God as Life is always creating Itself anew.  All that God is becomes through the revelation within Mind to achieve a new beginning with each and every moment.  That which is complete is being fully re-created in each and every moment.  God is the Celebration of New Beginnings.


Unification: I know that all that I am is the activity of response-ability.  I know that my life is the Life of God being expressed perfectly right where I am.  Everything that I choose today becomes that part of me which makes me One with it.  I am One with the Newness and the Allness of each and every day.  I am the Celebration of New Beginnings.


Realization:  Today, I claim to know and believe in a Truth about myself that is more fulfilling than anything I have ever thought of, felt or discovered.  That which lives within me is always providing me with everything necessary for a happy and successful life.  I enjoy the activity of newness, of new beginnings, and blessings from places that I thought might never occur.  I accept a greater experience of life because I am ready and willing to become more than I have ever been before.  It is the newness of Life within me which is calling me to go deeper into the Allness and to pull out from within me that New Beginning each and every moment.  I claim to not need to know what each new beginning looks like, therefore I stand witness to the freshness of God within me as it finds Its newest expression by means of me.  Life is a celebration and I am glad to be living this Life NOW!  I Celebrate New Beginnings as I awaken to my True Essence, which is God within me.  I realize the power that is being expressed as me, right here and right now.  This is the Power that flows through Grace.  This is the Power of the One Life of God as me.  This is My Life as a New Beginning.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks that this is so.  I know and trust and believe that as I NOW see the beautiful celebration I expand my Gratitude to include my own life and the lives of others.  I am grateful to be in this celebration.


Release:  I release this treatment into the Law of Mind celebrating the Perfect activity of Mind as being Perfect, Whole and Complete.  I know the Law has enacted my word and my word has become flesh.


And so it is.             Amen      


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