Treatment to Accomplish Goals

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Treatment to Accomplish Goals    


Purpose and Recognition:  Whenever we set goals, we develop a pathway for desire to become a living reality in our lives.  It’s not difficult to set goals, however many of us do not give our goals enough of our focus.  We just kind of make our goals and then forget about them…or do little work to bring them to fruition….to accomplish goals…say:


I know that the Infinite Intention of the Universe is that every Goal is always accomplished in the Perfect and Right Time.  I know that the Intention of the Universe is the fulfillment of each desire, and that each and every one of us accomplish our heart’s goals just as easily as God in us does.  The Infinite Life of God always demonstrates Its intentions and therefore our intentions are just as easily met.


Unification: I know that I am One with God, One with the intentions of the Universe and One with the Goals I have set for myself.  I am NOW living, moving and having my being in the Presence of the Perfect Right Activity of the Divine, and therefore all my goals are easily met by the Truth of Life within me.  I am that fulfillment and God, the Life of completion within me, is One with me.  I am that place of Perfect Accomplishment.


Realization:  I know that if I set goals, that these goals are divinely orchestrated by the Power of Completion within me.  I set forth into action NOW, all those desires which I choose to experience in my life.  It is just as easy for me to accomplish my goals as it is for the Universe to produce Life.  I easily surrender any resistance to reaching my goals for I believe in the Power of Action in my life, and I believe fully that there is only this activity taking place.  I know that I am active, loyal and supportive of my goals and therefore, I willingly choose to focus closely and intently upon each and every goal.  I know that the accomplishment of my goals provides me with a greater sense of self, and therefore it is joyous to work at each goal today.  I see myself as successful.  I recognize my accomplishments and I celebrate each victory.  I no longer hesitate to KNOW that each goal I have set for myself is the action of the Mind of God in me to live a fuller and more complete life and I am grateful for this NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the ease and grace by which all things unfold in the perfect and right time for me.  I give thanks for each and every goal which I accomplish and I celebrate each completion.  I am thankful for the activity of the Mind of God to work endlessly in my favor to assist me and provide for me that which is necessary to see each goal accomplished.


Release:    I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, knowing that all this is done easily and effortlessly, and all I had to do was to surrender this unto the Law of Mind for the action to be complete.  I know it is done…


And so it is.             Amen

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