Setting Our Intentions

Living with Intention                                       Setting Our Intentions


The end of the year is coming upon us rapidly.  At this time of celebration and moving from our current year to the coming year always brings with it a need to do things better or differently than our previous year.


Setting intentions for the coming year is one way many people go about establishing a plan for change.  As the new year approaches…lists are made that many people feel is what needs to get accomplished in the year ahead.  But how many of us look to see what we’ve accomplished this year to see if we completed last years intentions?


I have found that before making intentions for the upcoming year…reviewing our current year is very valuable.  How many things were on this years list of intentions that didn’t get completed?  How many did?  Once we review the list…take time to see what themes were set as an intention.  What were the common themes for this year?  Are they still important?


If our goals or intentions were important we would have accomplished them!  Don’t kid yourself!  If they were important…we certainly would have invested the energy to have them!


What I am getting at is this:  did we set ourselves up to fail?  When our intentions are things of the mind…often times we will not set about achieving these…but when they are of the heart…there is a greater possibility that we will achieve them.


What is your heart asking for in the coming year?  If you don’t know…sit quietly and ask yourself:  what theme would I most like to experience this coming year?


Maybe it’s experiencing greater fulfillment in a career or in our personal relationships.  Maybe it’s getting to know our true inner being…or just gaining a closer connection to a power greater than ourselves.  Maybe it’s building a stronger sense of belonging in our community or in our spiritual life.  No matter what it is…the important thing is that we listen to our heart.


Be who you came here to be.  What pulls at your heart?  The world is waiting for each one of us to achieve a greater degree of expressing our gift through our own love for ourself.  How we share that gift is what we came here to experience.  What truth have you come here to tell?  What do you hold for the revelation of truth that you already know exists within you?


If you set intentions for yourself this coming year to achieve gathering more stuff…what purpose does this stuff provide for the fulfillment of your gifts?  If everything we posses, possesses us, and weighs us down, slowing us down from being able to spread our gift out to the world…would you still seek to acquire more?


The key to setting great intentions is to give…when we give we live.  Your intentions for the year always determines the health and welfare of this planet and all life on it.  How will you treat your friends and family?  How will you know when it’s time to give your gift…if we don’t stop to listen to that still small voice within?  Every moment is time to share our gift!  There is only a still small voice because we believe it is still small!


Expand!  Be daring!  Step out in faith!  Tell the world what you came here to give.  Be proud (not boastful)! Let your intentions be filled with inspiration and love.  Be motivated to never waver from always expressing your gift…even when the world appears to not want it.  Each one of us received what we got…or came into this world with a purpose…and until we live on purpose…our world is not being fully supported by us.


We don’t need regulations to limit our expression…the only reason regulations are here is because we don’t share our gifts.  Each of our individual gifts are here for the life on this planet…for future generations…for NOW!


This year…when you set your intentions…remember…the only intention we need to set for the coming year…is to give our gift to the world.  If we set this intention…anything else we could have possibly put on our list…would already become real.  Keep the list short…



For 2013 my intention is to give the gift of Love I came here to express!


Will you join me?



  1. Donna Roberts says:

    Thank you for your gift and your light. Namaste.

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