Treatment for Joyous Holidays

Download audio file here:  Treatment for Joyous Holidays
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment for Joyous Holidays

Purpose and Recognition:  Every year the holidays come around, and many of us may not have spoken to a family member or two.  Each year our holidays are not as fulfilling as they could be because there seems to be something lurking in the back of our minds, something that we just are unsettled with.  We shop and do all the things that normally occur this time of year, but it just doesn’t seem Joyous.  To have Joyous Holidays….Say:

I believe in the Power of Love to heal all wounds.  I believe in the Infinite Mind of God to know all things including those things within me that separates my joy from my good.  I believe that right where I am the Spirit of God is showing me all the things necessary for a happy and successful life, and this includes Joyous Holidays.  I know that God is all that there is, so there can only be Joy and Laughter and Love and Wholeness.

Unification: I am One with the Infinite Mind of God.  One in the Truth that All that I AM is the Joy of Life demonstrating through the holidays.  All that I am recognizes a greater Truth in Life and I am One with all family members, and One with the Family of God.  My Joy is of God, and God is my Joy.

Realization:  I realize that even though I may still harbor resentments, or distaste for having to spend money, or even the idea of having to spend time with my family, I realize the Greater significance of the holidays.  I allow Love to show me a more successful way of being, and a new design for living.  I am excited about letting my full Joy escape this holiday season, and I venture into the unknown certain of my outcomes.  I know that God in me is stronger than any event that holds back my Joy, so today, in this moment, I am filled with Joy.  I allow this Joy to continue to compel me to enjoy all those things that previously hindered me from feeling joy-filled, and experiencing these holidays with complete in-joy-ment.  I celebrate the understanding that each of us are children of God and that we all come from the same family and therefore have all the same stuff, so I can never be upset with anyone, because that anyone is me.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks to recognize this Truth and I surrender all my past history of unsettledness for the receipt of greater Joy.  I thank you Spirit for this easy recognition.  I thank you Spirit for this Awesome Joy that is running through my experience NOW!

Release:        I release this into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing, believing, that I have always been Joy-filled and that what I feel NOW is a continuous demonstration.  I know that the Law of Mind must and does mete back to me that which I have spoken…and it is done NOW!

And so it is.             Amen


  1. Donna Roberts says:

    Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous!!!! Thank you so much!

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