Treatment for Continued Harmony in My Affairs

Download audio file here:  Treatment for Continued Harmony in My Affairs
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment of Continued Harmony in My Affairs

Purpose and Recognition:  Not everything flows as smooth as we may desire, and there may be times when all we need is a little booster shot of enthusiasm to get the juices flowing again.  When it feels like there is a slight discord, or a bump in the road in our everyday lives, then it’s time to take out our toolbox of treatments out and find One on bringing the harmony back into our lives.  To have harmony continue in our affairs…Say:

The Infinite Unity of God is the Power that brings all things together.  Everything that is cooperates with everything else so that God in Itself is a Perfect Harmony.  I recognize this Harmony as always active, always present and always loving.  All that God is demonstrates through my Life NOW and I let God be God.

Unification: I know that I am One in God, One as God, one of God.  All that I am is perfectly in harmony with all that I desire.  I am that which I seek to know and experience as harmony in my affairs.  Because it is I that am having this experience, I know that this perfect Unity of life is my Life NOW!

Realization:  Right where the seeming discord, or seeming appearance that gave me the impression that harmony is not in balance in my affairs, I simply turn this over to that One Great Source of Harmony that is God.  I know that God is the animating Principle of Life and therefore that which God is, becomes through the expression I give it.  Despite my current conditions God is still okay, and because I am part of God, I must be okay.  I allow the flow of Life to reframe Itself into the Unity and Harmony of the Universe, for nothing can ever be separate.  My experiences are now in harmony.  My affairs are NOW expressing that harmony.  There never could have been any discordant thing taking place throughout the Universe for there would be utter ruin, therefore, because I am part of the Great Spirit which is God, I must also never have had any discordant thing, any sense of my harmony being out of balance.  I allow everything I do to reflect the Divine Spirit of God within me, and I NOW claim that all my affairs are NOW in harmony.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the Truth of this Prayer of recognition.  I give thanks that my subjective mind has released any place within me that could harbor any feeling of my affairs being out of order.  My grace is harmony.  My thanks are perfectly harmonized with the Truth of God within me…and I give great thanks that this is so.

Release:   I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, where all activity is being acted upon.  I know that that which I lovingly release must, in fact already be so.

And so it is.             Amen

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