Treatment to Know the Truth in Unfavorable Events

Unfavorable Events


Download audio file here:  Treatment to Know the Truth in Unfavorable Events
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Know the Truth in Unfavorable Events


Purpose and Recognition:  Today, a young man, saunters into school, living in a different reality in his head.  Without knowing, and without being nurtured in the ways that call for close guardianship and healthy upbringing, unusual things happen.  Parents think everything is normal, he’s always been a little different, or maybe not, maybe as children grow, we as parents miss the signs because all we know is that we love our children.  Unfavorable things occur because of unfavorable conditions.  To Know the Truth about Unfavorable Events…Say:


I know that everything that is, is made up of the Good that God is.  Every event in Life is a demonstration of the Intelligence of God responding to the Mind of God.  Knowing there is only the One demonstrating, I know there is nothing that does not nor cannot have the Fullness and the Allness of God fully operating in Life.


Unification: I am One in God.  One in the everlasting operation of the Infinite Intelligence of God demonstrating as Good.  The I Am I am, is fully present in every event I witness and because I witness it, it is an out-picturing of the Mind of God in me.  I am One with God and God is the One that is everything.


Realization:  There is no activity on earth or in heaven that is not the activity of God.  God is in and through all things and is the only expression in Life.  We cannot have opposition to the Good that God is, for there is nothing but God and nothing to oppose God.  There is nothing that cannot have the Fullness and the Allness of God fully operating in life or we have God and something else.  I see this all as a means to deepen myself in my own understanding of any place within me that believes in hurt, pain and anguish, and seek out that accusation within me so that the Wholeness of God is revealed.  I know that though there appears to be tragic events…there is a powerful transformation taking place in humankind, as we move closer and closer as a collective world to end war, violence, hatred, prejudice, poverty, and retaliation of any kind.  I see this as a world working according to how the whole of humanity is working it, and I affirm a more loving approach and demonstration is already here.  I vow to uphold my thoughts in perfect alignment with the Truth, knowing that only the Truth shall make us free; free of deplorable and harmful acts, free of suffering another human being in any way, free of distorting any reality for self-serving means, free of thinking thoughts that cause injury or inequality, free of perpetrating selfish desires.  I know only Love animates Life and gives to all by forgiving.  Humbly I forgive…allowing others to come to their own resolution in their own time and in their own methodology.


Thanksgiving:  Knowing this is the only Peaceful, Loving Life, I am grateful to stand witness to this NOW!


Release:   I release this into the Law of Mind, where the Law of Mind has already set in motion this Prayer and I NOW see its fruition.


And so it is.             Amen


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