Treatment to Live a Life of Surrender

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Live a Life of Surrender
Download PDF file here:  Treatment to Live a Life of Surrender

Purpose and Recognition:  As we walk through this life, we often feel as if there is something that we are not capable of doing, when, in fact, what we are striving for is learning to be.  All of our doing stands before us as a marker to understand that being is the way of evolution, and doing is the activity that holds us back.  We must surrender the driver’s seat and let the Universal Presence guide our path.  To live a life of surrender….Say:

Right where I am there is an Infinite Director of Life, handing out the scripts for each to take as he or she wills.  From this very gift of choice the Grace of God is fully expressed.  As each and everything is created out of the stuff that God is; the Perfect Actor enacts each and every scene, bringing into Life, all casts and all characters.

Unification: I know that I am One with the Universal Presence that directs the plays of Life.  I am an actor in my own play and my life is the movie upon which dreams are built.  I live and move and have my being within the One and I am therefore unified within the One as One.  All that I am is the Life fully surrendered to the promises of the One Eternal Director.

Realization:  I realize that my life is not hinged upon what others say or think about me.  I know that the cast of characters in my life are those that I create, and therefore, as easily as I have created them, I can set them aside.  I easily and effortlessly surrender anything that no longer serves the screenplay of my life, knowing and trusting that a new cast appears before me to propel my experience forward.  I surrender any desire to be anything other than the lead actor in my life.  I surrender any expectation that a knight in shining armor or a queen of exceptional beauty and riches shall come into my life and make me more than I could be when I choose to recognize my own Truth.  I hold onto the Light of God and that which shines upon me, allowing the yielding and the harkening to promote a richer more fuller experience of life.  I surrender all those things which may have held me spellbound, or star-struck, and in their place, through my surrendering, I reach up to grab onto the greater, as I easily let go of the lesser.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the ease of surrender.  I thank you Spirit for the Truth of these words.  I am grateful for the Love there is in the action of my Life, and my heart is yielding the harvest of Love.

Release:  I release this treatment, into the Law of Mind, feeling sensing and knowing, that all of this was True before I began to speak.  I say it is so…

And so it is.             Amen


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