Treatment to Find My Inner Balance

Inner Balance Alchemy

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Find My Inner Balance
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Find My Inner Balance



Purpose and Recognition:  Everyday there are things that pull at our attention.  Maybe we’ve met somebody new, or have just acquired a new job.  Maybe our children are doing things that push our buttons, or we just can’t seem to make ends meet.  Life is a cornucopia of events and experiences, and within them all can be found a balance…but it must come from within.  To find the Inner Balance…Say:


I know that right where I am the Living Spirit of the Almighty is.  The perfect Balance of Life is the Spirit’s demonstration of Its All Presence, and Loving Nature.  Everything in Life is maintaining a Perfect Balance through the Inner Expression of Wholeness and Spirit, the First Cause and the Only Cause.


Unification: I know that I float easily through the ethers as that Great Spirit of Life directs my every move.  I live and move and have my being perfectly balanced as the expression of Its Love.  I am One with Truth and that Truth yields within me an understanding of both Balance and Wisdom.  My heart is united with the impulse of Life and I gracefully rest here and NOW in this Truth.


Realization:  Even though I might find that I have strayed from my path and landed in an uncomfortable situation, I easily turn to the Power and the Presence within me, and allow that Inner Balance to transform me.  I right myself back to center in the Loving Arms of the Great Spirit of Life, releasing those things which I clung to, knowing that only the direction of the One True Essence of Life is Power.  I realign myself through the Inner Balance that exists within me and I find a greater Truth revealed in the calm and the grace of God within.  Easily I NOW recognize my strength and march joyously onward toward my Good.  That which I seek has NOW found me and I rejoice in this awareness.  My Balance is right where I am and I recognize that it has always been here.  Thank you God.


Thanksgiving:  In thanksgiving I recognize the Truth of this moment…and I give thanks for my life and my Perfect Inner Balance.


Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind feeling, sensing and knowing that only that which I have righted, remains.  I rest in the awareness of the One Law, just accepting that it is done.


And so it is.             Amen

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