Treatment to Treat My Body with Love

love in fireworks


Download audio file here:  Treatment to Treat My Body with Love
Download PDF file here:  Treatment to Treat My Body with Love



Purpose and Recognition:  One of the most valuable assets we have is our bodies.  Often times, if you’re like me, I forget or take my body for granted.  I don’t nourish it properly, don’t exercise it, and don’t treat it with the same enthusiasm and care that I would a project I am excited about, or as eagerly as I would to earn a sum of money.  All our bodies require is a little tender loving care, but first…we have to prepare our minds for the idea of loving our bodies.  To treat your body with care…Say:


I know that right where I am there is a Great and Loving Compassion, an Empathetic Creator that gives fully and completely to every idea and every creation.  I know that this Loving Compassionate Creator gifts each and every thought, action and idea with the necessary activity to maintain a Perfect Body and Perfect Affairs.  God the Infinite Body of Christ, is All that there is, and It is Perfect, Whole and Complete.


Unification:   I am One with this Compassionate and Loving Creator.  I love myself and my body just as God loves me and all Its creations.  There is Only the Perfect Life of God directing my ways, and providing through me a Perfect Activity of Love.  I am the Love that God is.  I am the Wholeness that God is.  I am the Life that God is.  I am the Goodness that recognizes Itself as my Life.  I am One with Love.


Realization:  There is only the activity of Love flowing through my body.  I allow the energy of my Life Blood to fulfill me and inspire me.  I am enthusiastic about caring for my body and feeding it only those things which fuel a greater revelation of Wholeness and Perfection within me.  My body knows what is required for a happy and successful transformation from fear to Love, and my mind supports a greater realization of my Oneness with God in how I choose to eat, and how I choose to exercise.  I no longer lay helpless and hopeless to cravings or to laziness around my body temple, but I clean up my act and surrender my resistance to maintaining a healthy body for the Peaceful Activity of Love within me.  I honor my body with loving thoughts.  I respect my body by treating it fairly and lovingly.  I expect my body to support me and in so doing, I agree to support its longevity.  I eat healthy.  I exercise often.  I push myself away from my bad habits because I no longer enjoy them.  Those things which tempted me to erode my body temple no longer have residence within me and I am immediately lighter and freer.  I jump in ecstasy for the way I look and the way I feel.  I affirm my beauty and my stamina.  I affirm that God within me is my vitality.  I hold true to my Word and from this moment forward I no longer think poorly or unlovingly about how I look, how I eat, and how I feel.  I am vibrant and alive!  YES I AM!


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful for the Truth that has been spoken and I humbly give thanks.


Release:  I release this prayer into the Law of Mind knowing that everything in the Universe has aligned to make this so.

And so it is.             Amen


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