Treatment for a Path of Direction

Path of direction


Download audible file here:  Treatment for a Path of Direction
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment for a Path of Direction

Purpose and Recognition:  “In the human picture, there are many times when we are faced with situations that seem humanly impossible to meet or to be met.  Everyone has that experience some time or other.”  All the great mystics, leaders, sages and businessmen have experienced these types of situations.  Each of us are simply seeking to find that one certain way, a path, to direct our lives towards the dreams that we hold for ourselves.  To create the path of direction…Say:


I know that right where I am there is a Great and Confident Creator:  God.  God as the One Infinite Power.  God as the One Source of All Supply.  God as the only activity of Being.  God that is available in every experience and in every circumstance throughout all existence.  God is the All in All through All and as All.


Unification: I know that I am One with this Great and Confident Creator.  God is my life, and this life is indestructible, invincible, immortal, eternal, harmonious, vital and useful.  I am on the path that is Directed in and through God within me.  I am One with the Source of Supply, One with the Good that directs my path.


Realization:  I know I am on the path because I have an attitude of listening for God’s direction, and each and every step I take is a step toward a greater degree of self-awareness; aware that my life is the Life of God in expression.   The very path that I walk is directed by God.  My mind is staid on God in reliance, confidence, hope and expectancy.  My attitude is one of Love, of giving and of sharing.  I accept that all things come through me as an expression of God’s Love within me, and my path is divinely inspired.  I no longer lean on my own human understanding, rather I acknowledge God as the One Infinite Power in my life, directing me, and supporting me on my path of awakening.  Each and every day is supported by the Substance and the Abundance of God, “not my bank account, not my job, not my family, not my friends, but God.”  “God governs and rules the day.”  I NOW claim that my life is holy and the ground upon which I walk is holy ground.  I am in the household of God.  My path is clearly directed.  Thank You God!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Truth, thanks that all that is before me lays wide open by the Divine, and I easily travel this path clearly directed.  I give thanks for the power of this Word, for the Love in my heart, and for the wisdom to know my rightful place in the Universe as I walk gracefully in God’s Light.


Release:     I release my Word into the Law of Mind, gently allowing all that has been spoken here into the Law to come into its perfect and right fruition.  I know it is done…


And so it is.             Amen


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