Treatment for Accepting Greater Possibilities

Download audio file here:  Treatment for Accepting Greater Possibilities
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment for Accepting Greater Possibilities

Purpose and Recognition:  So many times in life it can be difficult to see that greater possibilities are before us or even others that we may know.  In difficult and tumultuous times, our filters and memories of the past come forward and ask us to deny the reality of limitation and reach for something greater.  Accepting greater possibilities is the only thing that makes the true difference between experiencing a fuller life and continuing on the path of struggle.  To accept greater possibilities…Say:

Right where the realization of God is, the Infinite Presence of the All-Empowering Good exists.  God, the Power that Knows and the Power that Provides, expresses Itself throughout all of Eternity, making Perfect Preparation for Greater Realities to be experienced.  The All-Loving Nature of the Divine pours Itself forth into Creation as Whole, Perfect and Complete Life.  Everything is an endless demonstration of Infinite Good.

Unification: I am One with Infinite Good.  I know that All that I am is the Perfect Expression of that Good NOW!  Every atom of my being knows that it knows, and operates to continue to express that knowledge in the form of life within Life.  Every cell of my being is God-Being.  Every nuance of my mind is an activity that is taking place through the One Infinite Mind of Endless Possibilities.  Everything Good in my life is the demonstration of that One Life that is God.

Realization:  Realizing that the only thing that stands between me and greater possibilities are things of my thought, I NOW surrender anything that pretends to express itself as the only possibility in my life.  I know that there is an endless amount of potential and possibility within me and I call that forth NOW to demonstrate and reveal itself in the way that is most useful and most helpful to me and everyone around me.  I honor life by accepting greater possibilities for myself and anyone that I perceive is limited in their expression.  I know that as I know this for myself and everyone else that there is a greater revelation of the Presence of God within me.  I see it and I feel it NOW!  There is no use in trying for anything, for I believe that all I need to do is take the first step, for I know that God, Spirit within me, has already paved the way for everything I desire to demonstrate.  I accept this as the One Truth and I am now set free by It.  I am the expression of Greater Possibilities.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the fulfillment of this truth for I know that Truth and Truth alone is what sets me free.  My heart pours forth its gratitude and I now bless myself and everyone else.

Release:     I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing that my Word never returns to me void.  That the Law has no course of action but to demonstrate according to what I have placed into it.  It is done.

And so it is.             Amen


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