Settling Conflicting Ideas

Conflicting IdeasI am exhausted.  My mind torn between two conflicting ideas.  My heart saddened by the reality that keeps peeking its head through the door of my consciousness. How does it get to be this way?

How does life turn out so crappy when our heart and soul is involved in a daily spiritual practice?

This is a big question that has one simple answer:  everything unlike our current state of consciousness must rise to the surface for release.  But if you are like me, you may find it hard to let things go…and it doesn’t matter how painful it is to keep it near us!

I am the first person to say I like things, I like some things enough to not mind if they actually are hurting me or making my life a mess.

If we re walking down the street and a car slams into us…do we wonder how that happened? Or do we get up and dust ourselves off and begin our journey again?

What’s most important in life is how we respond to the influx of emotions that flood our every day experiences.  We have the opportunity to live our lives in the most amazing avenues of expression.

When we think about how marvelous this life is, what we find is that there are all these myriad emotions contained within us ready to surface as soon as we align them with something we are familiar with.  This is the meaning of the 12 step definition of insanity, “doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.”

So how can you and I force the correct emotion to the surface of our experience and avoid having difficulty, upset or trauma in our lives?

Well here are three things you can do:

  1.  When something presents itself, use the discovery method to seek a different action to release into your experience.
  2. Notice what this something brings to the forefront of your thought, is it from the past?  Does it resemble something else?  Can you name it?  If the answer is yes to any of these, simply decide to choose a different action…even if you don’t know what to choose…don’t get entangled with right choice…any choice but the old choice will prove to provide a new experience.
  3. Give yourself some space with whatever is appearing.  Don’t jump to an action right off the bat.  There may be something else in this that you haven’t seen yet.

Allow yourself the opportunity to discover that life really already has a perfect plan in motion, but that plan can’t be fiddled with by us.  We are here to live in the harmony that exists within life.  We aren’t here to create harmony, we’re here to demonstrate that harmony exists within us.  When we align with the harmonious activity of the Divine that lies at the center of everything, life begins to resemble that harmony.

We are not being challenged by life, but more times than not, we may be challenging life to prove to us it’s harmony.  Life won’t do this.  Never!  Life is not to be challenged, life is to be lived!  Don’t sit around waiting for your Good to come to you, go out there and demonstrate the Good that already exists right where you are.

When I started this I spoke about having conflicting ideas that I am torn between.  This is a “house divided.”. There is something brewing within me, a discontent at the choices I have made.  I find myself questioning what great Good I know I came here to give to life, because I truly believe that each of us came here to express some Good.  I am saddened because I have heard the call…I heard it when I was ten…but I chose to ignore it.

What each of us came here to express is so beautiful that the external world cannot match this beauty.  It says in the Bible, that “not even Solomon was arrayed in such beauty.”. I feel this beauty within me.  I sense this beauty within everyone I meet, but I find it hard to share that sentiment with people that are expressing violence, hatred, false witness, and deceit.  But I know it exists within them, so I carry this burden with me.

My spiritual practice involves, meditation, prayer, tithing, service, and study.  This is the only thing that stops me from falling prey to the tangled hierarchy that exists within.  I no longer seek to be the observer, I seek to be the active ingredient in the making of harmonious living for one and all.  Too much is cast into the court of science, and all science is nothing but a version of a story.  Once we find out more in any field of science we change the story to a newer version.  This isn’t evolution…this is the progressive nature of intelligence discovering something it hasn’t known before.

So we come back to where we started, not at the beginning, but at the end of a view, where something new must emerge to create that which is being sought.  When we call it forward it will appear, but it awaits our invitation.  “Christ only goes where Christ is invited.”

Will you open your heart and invite in Spiritual Living?  Will you settle for a better human hood or will you chance the road to Damascus?  There is freedom to be accepted, but we must surrender our sense of self, to arrive at the greater expression of God.

When will you live the dream you came here to fulfill?  Is it today?


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