Treatment to Live a Fearless Life

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Download audio file here:  Treatment to Live a Fearless Life
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Live a Fearless Life


Purpose and Recognition:  As we evolve into a greater awareness of our True Nature, we seem to come up against things, ideas, and people that create within us an uncertainty.  For most of us, uncertainty is a form of fear, and often, we base our responses on overcoming that fear versus seeing what lies within the uncertainty.  When we gain a resolve to move through uncertainty and experience the newness on the other side, what we learn is to live a fearless life.    Say:


I know that there is only One Life and that Life is God.  Nothing exists outside of the Universal Good that is God.  Everything that ever was, is and shall ever be, comes from that Perfect Creation called Life.  Within Life is the Joy of Living, the excitement of fulfillment, and the Truth of Being.  All of this is wrapped up into One Perfect Whole that is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.


Unification: I know that I am One with the Life that is Perfect.  All that I am is the fulfillment of the expression of Perfect Being, Perfect Creation and Perfect Love.  I am the excitement in my life.  I am the Love in my Life.  I am the Truth in my Life.  I am all that I need for a healthy and fearless life, because I am One with Love.


Realization:  I release any belief in lack, any belief that there is something to accuse of falsehood, of hatred, of deceit, of judgment and of disorder.  I know that the Perfect Unfoldment of Truth is always taking place right where I am, therefore there can be no Truth to any ideas which cause me fear or discomfort.  I claim that this One Life that is God is my Life NOW and that God in me is All that there is, therefore there can be nothing that this God that is within me could possibly fear.  All that is known to God is known to me NOW, and my Mind is sharp, and clear, and poised for action.  I easily create more Good in my life, more Good than I could have ever imagined possible for myself, for I NOW know that imagination is the cause of error.  The only Truth there is lies in the realization of my Oneness with God, and this can never be imagined.  It is Real.  It is True.  And it is my Life NOW! I am the fearless Life of God!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks that all that I am is the Perfect Fearless expression of Spirit.  Grateful to see, and feel, and to know that complete happiness comes from my Oneness from God and nothing outside of me could ever bring anything to me, or do anything for me.  I am so very glad this is so.


Release:     And it is in this knowing and in this gladness that I lovingly release this Prayer into the Law of Mind, knowing, sensing, feeling and believing that it is done.


And so it is.             Amen

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