Treatment to Relieve Congestion

Download audio file:  Treatment to Release Congestion
Download printable PDF file:  Treatment to Release Congestion

Purpose and Recognition: When things don’t seem to be going our way, and our life takes a turn for the worse, blaming things and ourselves won’t lift us out of a hurtful situation.  Knowing that our self-worth is hinged upon our attitude about our life and the activities that are happening in our life makes all the difference.  We easily increase our self-worth when we realize that we have a limitless potential within us to rise up and out of any unwanted experience.  It’s a matter of knowing our self-worth.  To reveal a greater sense of self-worth…Say:

There is an Infinite Potential within All Things and All People, and It is right where I am.  All that is limitless in the Universe is contained within me and is expressing through me in this moment.  The Perfect Expression of Abundance and Wholeness is the only activity taking place anywhere throughout Life and this expression is in Its Fullness eternally.

Unification: I am One with the Perfect Expression of Spirit, One with the activity of Divine Expression.  I know that within me there is an unlimited potential that equates to my self-worth, and I am One with this potential NOW!  All that I am is the Abundance of the Universe, and I claim my unity with the All Power and All Knowing Good that is God within me.

Realization:  There never has been a time in my life where God has not been present, and so right NOW I claim this perfect revealing as my experience.  The Infinite Good that is potential within me, rises up NOW to overturn the “tables of the money changers” and “chase out all that is wicked and unworthy” within my body temple.  I reframe my thinking so that I, and I alone, express my potential as a Pure Self-Worth, making each and every experience I have a joyous, loving and abounding Grace.  The very activity of my mind demonstrates my belief and I accept for myself right NOW a perfect revealing of a greater sense of Self-Worth.  I know that I am vital and important in the Spirit of Life.  I sense my importance to the very life blood of living within me, to know and believe that each and every thought, action and word sustains a greater prosperity and resilience for my self-worth.  I overcome fear and doubt and in its place I claim my perfect embodiment of the Love of God that is ever gifting me with greatness and security.  I believe in the Power for Good that is my nature.  I honor the Spirit within by demonstrating Self-Worth through a fuller expression of Love and Light in the world.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the Truth of this Treatment.  I gratefully and humbly express my love for Spirit within by surrendering all doubt and fear and replacing it with love and joy.  My heart overflows with gladness as I reveal my self-worth.

Release:     And so I release my Word into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing that right where I am the Truth of Spirit has made this so.

And so it is.             Amen


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