Treatment to Depolarize my Opinions

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Depolarize My Opinions
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Depolarize My Opinions

Purpose and Recognition:  Have you found that the new “catch word” is polarize.  Attitudes are polarized.  Positions are polarized.  Beliefs are polarized.  Actions are polarized.  But what do we accomplish with such a hard stance around things, especially, when everything is always changing?  Have we become so set in our ways, and in our beliefs, that we cannot trust one another?  Have we gotten to a place in socio-economics where everything has to be hard and fast?  When you find that others are no longer interested in the opinion you hold, or the way you believe…Say:

I know that right where Life is, the Perfect Truth of Being exists.  God chooses All Sides as Its own, and judges nothing for being imperfect.  God is the most True most real thing about All Things, and Its Truth is neither partial nor impartial.  That which is God is Unconditional Love without concepts and without conditions.  Everything is a demonstration of the Pure Continuity of God.   In God there are no opposites, no polarities, and no ambiguities.

Unification: I claim that I am One with the Uniformity of the Divine.  That which is in me is not polarized to believe that anything is Good or Bad for I am neither divided against myself nor against anything.  I am the Pure Potential of Perfect Harmony.  I am the expression of Divine Unity.  I am One Minded within the All Mind.

Realization: I know there cannot be anything which opposes God, and that God cannot oppose anything.  Nothing in the Universe remains while it is divided against itself, and therefore neither do I divide myself from others or their point of view.  I recognize the Perfect Unity that is always taking place within Life and I salute the beauty in which All Things work together for the Good of All.  I act NOW in Divine Clarity recognizing that each and every person is already Perfect in the sight of God, and because God is within me, I see their perfection also.  I am neither offended nor upset that others appear to have differing attitudes or opinions from mine, for I know that there are NO OPINIONS in the realm of Truth.  I release my need to be right.  I release my fear that I may not know exactly what everyone else needs to know, or what they need to do to make my life better.  I allow others to participate in my experience of Life because I recognize the value that everyone brings to Life.  I accept the Truth as being Whole, Perfect and Complete; neither divided by thought or word, or by action or inaction.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks that I can NOW live my Life in a peaceful manner realizing my Oneness with everything and everyone.  I am grateful to have found the Truth within myself and I celebrate my Freedom NOW!

Release:  I release my Word into the Law of Mind, accepting for myself this greater realization.  And it is in this realization that I step back, take a breath, and relax into the arms of Grace, as all this is NOW complete.

And so it is.             Amen


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