Treatment to Increase Prosperity

prosperity is in my hands

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Increase Prosperity
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Increase My Prosperity


Purpose and Recognition: There is something going on in the consciousness of the world at large.  Transformation is happening everywhere, yet, for some of us, there seems to be a shortage of financial resources or personal prosperity.  To understand how to become prosperous only requires that we become actively involved in our day-to-day decisions and priorities.   To increase Prosperity….Say:


There is only One Source in the Universe, One Infinite Storehouse of Good.  Right where I am and everyone else is, the Infinite Supply of Divine Love is pouring Itself forth into Creation.  God, the Infinite Source of All Good, is the Presence that gives to everyone and everything alike.


Unification: I see myself in the midst of Divine Good.  I see myself to be fully united with and One in this Good.  All that God is demonstrates right where I am because It is who and what I am.  The very Essence of my being is in Christ, the Perfection that knows Its Oneness with God.


Realization:  I realize that nothing can separate me from the free-flowing Good that is God within me.  All that I think, all that I say, and all that I am, points to the fullest experience of Prosperity that I could know.  I easily allow myself to believe in, and to respond to, the Divine Goodness of God.  I recognize that my joy comes through the Joy that is God.  I recognize that my health comes through the Wholeness of Health that God is.  I recognize that my prosperity comes through the Abundance of God in All Things.  I claim that I easily and effortlessly create more Good in my life just by realizing a greater knowing of God within.  As I see the Good around me, the Good appears.  As I feel the Essence of God around me and in me, that Essence touches all things I desire and gifts me with a greater sense of receptivity.  As I acknowledge God as the One Power and the One Presence, I rise up in my ability to see myself as more prosperous.  I am not hindered by my past and I am using my past to propel me into the future as I latch onto this NOW moment.  All that I am is a prosperous and joyous child of God.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the Truth that conforms to the Law.  I give thanks for the ability to increase my prosperity.  I give thanks for those around me who support me in my up-leveling awareness.  I am overflowing with Gratitude…


Release:      And so I release this prayer, this treatment, into the Law of Mind knowing that this Mind has already said yes, and that all that I need to become the demonstration of this prayer is already contained within me.  I release it NOW to show up in an increased prosperity…


And so it is.             Amen



  1. joseph seoane says:

    Good Mornin My Brother

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