Treatment to Realize My Greater Calling

Download audio file:  Treatment to Realize My Greater Calling
Download printable PDF:  Treatment to Realize My Greater Calling

Purpose and Recognition:  As we expand our horizons and become more aware of our inner calling, and see where we are in Life today may not seem as important as it was in previous days.  Something inside of us always knows what we’ve come here to do and who we are on the inside.  When we know that there is something missing in our lives or our life just isn’t as exciting as we know it is saying it wants to be and it appears that there seems to be a greater calling….Say:

I know that right where I am the greatness of God is.  All that is created is made out of the same stuff that God created all of Life with.  Omnipresence is Life Itself.  Omnipotence is Life Itself.  Omniscience is Life Itself.  All that demonstrates comes into Being through the activity of Mind.  That Mind is my Mind NOW!

Unification: Perfectly unified with the Greatness that God is, and wholly expressing the Truth of Being from within me, I am All that God is, and All that is Life within me.  Everything that I came here to do and be is already One with the expression I am NOW.  The greater calling of my life is that I am One with God; One in Spirit; One it Truth.

Realization:  I accept that nothing can satisfy me except that which I have come here to do and be.  I don’t have to search far to find myself.  Everything that I encounter adds to my greater calling and I easily reach for greater vistas as I celebrate the Truth of Being within me.  As I express this greatness, I sense a shift in my perception, and NOW, I see myself as that Greater Being that I know I am.  There is something intrinsically within me compelling me to move into the greater awareness, something within me propelling me into greater Peace, greater Love, and greater Life.  All that comes within my reach is embraced in a loving posture, and I accept that All that there is in my life is an answer to my Greater Calling.  I sit in an awareness of fortitude and vitality.  I sit in the comfort of the embrace of the Divine, celebrating the Truth that lives within me and all that I see, sense and know.  It is a Great Life and it is my life NOW!

Thanksgiving:  Grateful to have heard the call, grateful for answering the call and moving into this greater expression of Truth;  I am so very honored to be an expression of the Divine, an emanation of the One and a child of the Most Holy which is God.

Release:    I release this into the Law of Mind knowing that all that I have spoken is absolutely true.  It has always been true and I flow with an ease and grace into the goodness that is now mine.  Thank You Sweet Spirit that this is so.

And so it is.             Amen

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