Treatment to Avoid Painful Situations

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Avoid Painful Situations
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Avoid Painful Situations

Purpose and Recognition:  There may be times in our lives when it seems as if we get pushed or drawn into situations that are uncomfortable or just outright painful.  Certain things occur prior to these situations, and usually what we discover is that there is a looming sensation or feeling that is running right alongside each and every painful situation.  There may be a taste in the mouth, an anxiousness that is overwhelming, or even an energy recognition that is warning us in advance.  To learn to avoid painful situations….Say:

I know that there is only One Divine Source of Energy and that Energy runs in and through All Things.  Each demonstration of Life is a Divine Expression that always comes complete with everything necessary for a happy and successful fulfillment.  That Expression is Love and right where Divine Love is, the only Presence there is, is God.  God is the Perfect Comfort of everlasting Joy expressing Itself fully in All Things and all situations.

Unification: I know that I am One with Joy, One with Peace, One with the expression of Perfect Comfort and Perfect Love.  Everything that God is I am, and I live and move and have my being in the Purity of the Wholeness of God.  Every step I take is a step taken in Love, and I am One with Love NOW!

Realization: Each and every time that someone pushes my button, I recline into the arms of Love.  Each and every person that appears to bring painful drama or hurtful situations near me, I recognize the Perfection of Spirit within them, and surrender into the Truth that God is being Pure Love in each and every situation.  I recognize the Power of Truth to unravel every seeming discord, release every painful thought, eradicate every hurtful measure, and turn each of these into a Perfectly Divine Experience.  I radiate Peace through my awareness of my Oneness with God.   In God All Things are made anew, and I see and experience newness with each and every moment of my Life.  There are no situations that could be outside of the dominion of my mind, and nothing that could render me separate from that One Great Mind which is God in me NOW!  The Peace of God is my peace NOW.  The Love of God is my love NOW.  The Truth of God is my truth NOW.  The comfort of God is the comfort that not only lives within me, but goes before me to make the crooked paths straight.  I see only Love.  I feel only Love.  I express only Love.  Nothing I do, or anything I could ever be, is less than the expression of God as Love within me and I rejoice in the ease and grace of the Divine.

Thanksgiving:  I am grateful to know and trust in this everlasting Life of God within me to make All Things the energy of Peace and Comfort.  I gratefully surrender my Word into the Joy and Love of God as Law…

Release:   And I release my Word into the Law of Mind, feeling the Peace, the comfort and the Love of God to be fully activated in my experience Now.  I know it is done…

And so it is.             Amen


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