Treatment to Know My Body as a Spiritual Universe


Download audio file here:  Treatment to Know My Body as a Spiritual Universe
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Know My Body as a Spiritual Universe


Purpose and Recognition:  Understanding who we are is so very important for the success of achieving freedom from material body limitations, or contracting ailments within the body.  As we begin to understand that our Body is a Spiritual Universe, we gain dominion over the stages of physicality that limit a greater expression of life.  Each of us possesses this great quality in as much as we become aware that our Body is a Spiritual Universe….Say:


There is only One Body and that Body is the temple of the Living Spirit which is God; God-governed, God-maintained.  The Body of God is only subject to the laws of God.  God is an All-inclusive Good and besides that Good there is nothing else.  God is the only Life there is, and that Life is expressing Itself perfectly everywhere throughout all Creation.


Unification: I am One with the Law of God, One with God as the only Spiritual Universe—perfect, complete and harmonious.  All that I am is the full expression of the Spirit of the Living God.  I am One with my body and my body is One Spiritual Universe.  God is the light of my body.  I am filled with Light because I am One with the Light that emanates from within me.


Realization: Even though I may entertain a material sense of my body, I know it is only a concept trying to convince me that this body has power over me.  That my body falls prey to my thoughts, or that it responds to influences that are outside of me.  I claim right NOW that my body has no power to be good or bad, sick or well, and in place of what I knew in the past, I NOW claim that any history I have with my body is nothing more than a concept of the body that I believed in.  I do not walk because my legs are harmonious, my legs walk because I am harmonious.  I am the Perfect Harmony of the Universe acting through the vehicle of my body.  God is the only Life and there can never be an individual life as me, or anyone else for that matter.  The Life of God can never be sick or weakened or become influenced by things outside of Itself;  for there is only God and therefore God is All there is.  God is the only cause, and God is the only effect.  Because God in me is the only Cause, God in me is the effect of Perfect Spiritual awakening and Universal Truth.  The Truth of my Body is an expression of the One Spiritual Universe.


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful to awaken to the Truth of my being.  All that I am resonates with complete thankfulness for the Truth of this Treatment.  I humbly offer up my concepts in gratitude for this greater Truth.


Release:    I release this treatment, My Word, into the Law of Mind, knowing that as I have spoken it, it is done.


And so it is.             Amen


  1. Thank you this was so needed for me at this time of physical healing…..I am on the path and you are such great help……blessings Mari!

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