Treatment to Express the Power Within Me

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Express the Power Within Me
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Express the Power Within Me

Purpose and Recognition:  If you’ve ever felt powerless over situations or conditions and events in your life and are not certain what to do, what action to take, or how to recover from such circumstances, just turning to God as the sustainer and maintainer of the entire Universe reveals a True Sense of freedom and liberty.  There is a Power in the Universe that overcomes and brings with it the joy and serenity that soothes our soul.  To express the Power Within…Say:

I know God is One Power, maintaining and sustaining the Universe eternally, immortally, perfectly, harmoniously, and lovingly.  All that God is shows forth through the beauty in nature and in each creation that has been discovered.  God as Power is the Creative Principle of this Universe.  God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.  There is only Infinite, Immortal, Eternal God-Being.

Unification: I am perfectly unified with the Power and the Presence that is God.  There is only God in me as me, demonstrating as every event in my life and the life of this Universe.  There is only One God, and the “I in the midst of me is that God; infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and completely loving.”  Within me and as me is the principle which is expressing the fullness of Power as me.

Realization: I don’t have to try to express the Power within me, for I live and move and have my being in the Presence and the Power that is God.  Nothing exists which has power to limit, to hinder, or to prevent me from utilizing principle in a constructive and life affirming way.  All of my activity is rightful activity, animated through the Power within me.  God in the midst of me is the All-knowing Intelligence, It is the Presence of Love, It is the Power of Peace.  God in me is the only Principle in the entire Universe.  All the Intelligence, all the Wisdom, all the Life, all the Spirituality, all the Power, and all the Good, and all the Grace of God are embodied within me, and I easily express this right NOW!  There is no Power besides the I that I am!  Should I feel less than the Power that I know I am, I joyously wait in an inner stillness and realize that God in me is Infinite.  This knowing expresses the Power within me fully.  There is nothing to fight, for there is no other Power than the Power of God within me.  There is no such thing as Truth overcoming error, Good over evil, right over wrong.  There is nothing to contend, nothing to heal or reform or supply or overcome.  I simply know the Truth:  there is only The Infinite Power of God within me.

Thanksgiving:  I am satisfied in the Truth of my Being; grateful for God as the One Power.  I exude Love, and I radiate the Power of Peace from within.  This is my gratitude:  I AM.

Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind where all activity begins its eternal beingness and continues on, and on, and on, for I know my Word never returns unto me void, for Christ is the Power within me, and in God are all things are already complete.  I release this…

And so it is.             Amen



  1. THANK YOU! This really got me motivated today to get things done….I am blessed!1

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