Treatment to Know All is Taken Care Of

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Know All is Taken Care Of
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Know All is Taken Care Of


Purpose and Recognition:  How many times a day do we think about whether or not things will work out the way we plan?  Or, maybe we worry for our children or grandchildren, or quite possibly about what kind of legacy we may be leaving behind.  So much goes on in life and each of us desire to know that everything is taken care of.  Bills paid, savings account with money in it, house paid off, decent running car, warmth for the cold winter, and then maybe even to know that luxuries are included.  To Know All is Taken Care Of…Say:


God is the Infinite Intelligence which creates everything in the Universe.  God is the Intelligence that governs the Universe by the Life that It is.  God is the Law that maintains Perfect Truth and Perfect Wholeness throughout All Things.  God is Infinite Wealth, Infinite Health, Infinite Abundance.  God is All that is in expression.


Unification: I know that I am One with Infinite Intelligence; One with Infinite Abundance.  Just as God is Love, I too am that Perfect Wholeness of the Divine Expression of Love.  I am created in the image and likeness of Perfection that is found throughout the Universe. The heavens show forth God’s Glory and I show forth the kingdom of heaven.


Realization: I gladly give up everything I know, and all that I claim to be connected to, to experience the Allness of God as my very Being.  I know that there is only God being God all the time.  I do not have to concern myself for the time of day, the things to be completed, or the life that flows through me, for I know that God is the director and the animator of Life Itself, and All things are taken care of.  That Life is my Life NOW!  God is always being the only Power and the only Presence; God is always being Love.  I further claim that God is always being Truth and God is always being Love and wisdom.  I need only focus my attention on God, for in God are “all things possible.” I know that throughout All of Life the trees are not asking God to give them leaves, and the birds are not asking God to send them air to place under their wings, or flowers asking for soil or fruit asking for trees to grow on.  I, NOW stand witness to the Truth of God attending to it all.  And just as this is the Truth, God is attending to all my needs and I don’t need to interfere with It.  I claim that God’s Grace is my sufficiency in all things, now and forever.  I rest in this Truth.


Thanksgiving:  I am Grateful to realize the Power of this Truth.  Grateful to allow the fullness of God to sustain me and carry me through every event in my mortal life into the Immortal Life that I am.  Eternally do I give thanks and allow the Love of Christ within me to shine.  All things are taken care of.  Thank You God.


Release:  I release my word into the Law of Mind, that Mind that is cognizant of only Itself, knowing that as it has been spoken it is done now.


And so it is.             Amen

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