How to Talk to God

I’ve been watching what people are drawn to when it comes to prayer, and what I’ve found is that more people have an antiquated way of talking with God.  I think our language is very important and so what I’d like to write about today is how we speak with God.


How do you pray?  What language do you use?  Is it affirmative like Jesus taught us to pray or is it beseeching, like asking God for something?  Is your language with God the same language you would use with your best friend or do you alter your language to be more respectful and formal?

The activity of prayer is communication with God, but not in the style that one might use to communicate with an employee; what you expect of that employee, but in the manner that affirms that God has already given the Gift.  When we approach the Most True Most Real thing that there is (GOD) this Supreme Divine Reality already knows everything about us, and I believe, It doesn’t respond to any asking or any language that is not our everyday language.

Could you fool your best friend by speaking differently than usual?  Of course not!  So why pretend with God?  If no iniquity could fall upon the eyes of the Lord, then to even think God could hear our words or our voices is absurd!  Our words are filled with and governed by limitation!

When we are in our times of need, God couldn’t possibly hear our voices crying out in pain, for if it could, then by It’s Nature our pain couldn’t be violated by God taking it away.  It, the Divine Beingness, would have never given us free will just to override it.  Think about it.  If we need…it is because this is our choice.

Our communication with God should be about Truths…as if we are talking to ourselves…talking ourselves off of the cliffs, talking to ourselves about what we have—not what we need, what we are willing to accept, not what we haven’t accepted yet.

God doesn’t like whiners and beggars!  (only because God couldn’t like anything!)  How we approach God with our communication shows the Universal Presence what we believe to be so about what we are saying, and It always responds with a resounding yes!  So Are you coming at God with an attitude that is proclaiming your Truth?  Or are you coming to God proclaiming the illusion that God has withheld something from you?

All the communication that is necessary with God is:  Thank You.

Being a minister, one that has come out of traditional Christianity, I found the affirmative style of prayer that Jesus taught, outside of my comfort zone.  I worked hard at removing the old patterns so that I could believe the promise of heaven:  “It’s the Fathers Good Pleasure to give us the kingdom” and no matter what I had done or what I believed about the experience of life I am having, this Universal Presence loves me unconditionally.  “Behold my Son in whom I am well pleased.”

When I first came to metaphysics the hardest reconciliation I had to achieve was that God has already provided the gift.  “It’s already done in the Mind of God.

So how upset do you get when you hear that God is already doing everything it intends to do for you?  It can’t do anymore.  It’s work is complete (according to the Bible). It rested on the seventh day and from what I see, it never began again!

For us to receive, we must be willing to give our authentic self to whatever it is we are desiring.  No good comes of holding back or putting on a front.  Strip yourself back to your true you and speak to God as if it is your very best friend.  It is.

This is also true for each and every person in our lives.  I find it so interesting when people think that because I am a minister I should have a certain mouth on me.  Can you imagine what it would be like if I restricted myself to the expression flowing through me just so you might believe I am holier or more conscious than you?

It says in the Bible, “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  For me to purposely alter the person I am while I am with you or in front of a group of people, THAT’S AN ACT!  I see people that think they are more justified than me because they have more authority in an organization and then, they may judge who I am, and then they go amongst others and act entirely different.  This is the same fraudulent behavior that limits the experience of God we can have when we alter our language to speak to God.  Be cautious and conscious of this activity!

Don’t concern yourself with the words, demonstrate the feeling!  That’s all God responds to.  Did you know that?

Never let anyone or anything tell you that God responds to holy or more sacred language than the intentions of your heart!  God only knows Itself as everything.  Once we recognize that God is the substance of our being and everyone’s being, so be you when you speak to God.  Let your language be authentic.



  1. None of this alter the Truth . Everything is already done. My comment is absolutely obsolete. xom

  2. marispirit says:

    Don’t concern yourself with the words, demonstrate the feeling! That’s all God responds to……THIS is what I need to remember….Thank you!

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