Treatment that My Light Shine Continually

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Purpose and Recognition:  When there is darkness in the world around us, it is simply a statement that the light that lives within us is not shining in its fullest capacity.  What is contained within each of us is a Power and a Presence that cannot be filled with darkness.  So when we are surrounded by the things of the world that bring discontent, disharmony, disease, and distrust into our experience of life, what we overcome these feelings with are the light that lives within us.  To brighten up your day and to infuse each moment with Light…Say:


All that exists is created through the Love and the Light that is God, animated through the very Beingness of Itself.  All Things came into existence for the Good of Life Itself, to be felt, loved and utilized as the Wholeness of God; there is an eternal inseparableness within Life to be unified as One.  The One is the Christ Mind, the Holy Divine, the Impartial Universe, the Principle of Truth, the Power of Love.


Unification: Perfect Unity with Love is the Light that lives within me.  Perfect Wholeness is the inseparableness that I am with the Light that is Love within me.  Perfect Harmony is the Divine Holiness of each and every moment of my life and the Life of God within me.  I am One with Love.  One with the Mind of Christ.  One with the Light and the Power of Truth.  One in Spirit.


Realization: I know that each and every time that I “show forth a measure of health, harmony, inner peace, joy, satisfaction, and abundance sufficient unto my needs, in that degree, I am the light of the world, an inspiration that others may follow, a light that fills others with hope, and that same ambition” to in turn, be a beacon of light unto others for their own realization.  I know that the Light of God’s Love within me opens up the darkest places in a joyous way, gently and gracefully parting the darkness, and making of it, a realization of Good.  I do not have to pray for this to occur, for it is the Divine Nature within me that does all the work.  It has been said that, “It is not I that do the work, but the Spirit of Christ within me which does the work” and that all that I bring to the world is the transformation of myself to know and see, and to express the nature of God within me.  This is the very Light that shines from within all things.  I am always connected to this for I can no more separate myself from myself than I can separate myself from God within me.  My realization is that my Light shine continually, gently bringing Peace, Joy, Harmony and Wholeness to each and every event in my life.


Thanksgiving:  I am so very thankful for this Truth; thankful that the Light that lives within me shines continually, and as I bring my awareness to it, this gratitude magnifies its demonstration.  I celebrate the action of the Love of God in this moment…


Release:  And so I release this prayer, this Word, the Word of Truth within me, into the Law of Mind, knowing that as I have spoken this, the Law has been activated and my Light shared with the world.  I see the Light and know it is done.


And so it is.             Amen


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