Treatment to Rise Above Life’s Challenges

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Rise Above Life’s Challenges
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Rise Above Life’s Challenges


Purpose and Recognition:  When we run up against seeming obstacles in life, or when there seems to be those things that could hinder us from reaching our goals, how we respond determines the rise or fall of emotion.  Each and every time something comes forth in our lives to block or negate a passage we may be attempting, this is the time to exploit the Truth and to use a Power that exists within us…Say…


I know that right where I am the Power of Truth is creating Life in larger and more interesting ways.  The Infinite Presence of the Divine is creating Life as a larger representation of Itself right where I am.  God is the Power of Truth and the Wisdom to recognize only Itself.


Unification: I know that I am One with the recognition of God as who and what I am.  There is only God in me expressing Itself as me NOW.  The Perfection of Spirit within me is the Highest Redeemable Truth there is and I resonate at the vibration of Its Love.  All that is around me and all that is who and what I am, is the fullest expression of God at all times.  I and God are One.


Realization: I recognize the fallacy in believing that something has power over me.  I know that every obstacle in my life is simply an opportunity to step over the turmoil and the disease of what I once believed and rise above Life’s challenges in ways that is a Perfect demonstration of the Wisdom and Love that lives within me.  Every day I remind myself that any error thought that is not true today was not true yesterday.  I am not bound by the thinking of the world around me for I have dominion over my own mind and over every experience I entertain.  I release the desire to fight with or to struggle with anything that is not true, or that is not the Truth about me, knowing that fighting against something simply perpetrates that same thing and makes of me a self with no vision.  God is the only life—indivisible, inseparable, and perfect.  Realizing this now, I easily rise above life’s challenges and proudly proclaim the nothingness of that which confronts me.  My mind is sharp for it is the Mind of God.  My heart is quick for it is the Heart of God.  My love conquers all for it is the Love of God.  No mountain is too tall for me to climb for I live and move and have my being in that which creates and destroys mountains.  I rejoice in the Truth of this Word, knowing that God within me has spoken this and it shall not return unto me void.


Thanksgiving:  I give great thanks for the Love of God in me as me.  I give thanks for the Truth that always prevails.  I give all that Spirit directs within me to know the Greater Truth for myself and others.  I give all in Love.


Release:  I release my Word into the Law of Mind feeling, sensing and knowing that this is True.  It has always been true, it is true NOW, and it shall always remain true.


And so it is.             Amen


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