Treatment to Overcome Negative Influences

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Purpose and Recognition:  We are surrounded by people who believe they have good intentions or an idea of the right way to do things; and yet, something inside us feels the negative influences they carry into every situation or event.  The world may not have our greatest Good in Mind, but something within us does, and It informs us when we have fallen prey to ideologies and constraints of organizations.  When we know our Truth is True and what we are feeling or sensing are just negative influences…Say:


I know that the Love of God is within everyone.  Love is present in the every breath and in every idea, it is present in policies and procedures, and in corporations and entities.  God, which is Love, knows Itself as All that there is.  Love being Whole and Complete never influences, instructs, or places restrictions on any Thing or any One.  Love is the unconditional intention of the Universe.


Unification: I am unified with the Presence that is God and that Presence lives within me and completes me through creation.  I am filled with Love.  I express that Love as me NOW.  Everything in the Universe is connected to me and is me NOW.


Realization: I release the need to feel influenced, restricted, or held captive to negativity.  I recognize a greater source of Life living within me than that which surrounds me, or may oversee me in my earthly Life.  No constituency of the Divine regulates or casts judgment or decision over me.  God being the All in All cannot influence Life and be All Loving, therefore those things, those ideas, those feelings and those seeming incongruities are washed away by the Truth of Love within me.  I hold no blame, and no intent to harm, or resist, to defend or to offend, to despise or to reproach, for I know that the Mind of Christ in me is my mind NOW!  Anything that looks deceptive, like a lie, or as a means of stabbing me on a personal level is not the Truth, but is simply an idea that I have held to.  I release this idea NOW, and in its place I hold a vision and an attitude for Love.  I feel the Living Presence of the Divine within me and I recognize it in those individuals or in those things, and they are simply nothing trying to appear as something.  I forgive anyone involved in negative influence in my Life.  I forgive those that may oversee such influence or those that try to be in control of any aspect of my Life knowing the Truth about them is Love.  I easily transform all negative influence into positive energy and rejoice in the Love that is always present.


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful to accept this Truth NOW!  I am filled with the Light of God’s Love and I give great thanks for this.  I open my heart to receive richer blessings from this Truth as I…


Release:   release my Word into the Law of Mind.

And so it is.             Amen


  1. marispirit says:

    It is so wonderful that all we have to do is remember that God and Love is all there is and all we need……thank you!

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