Treatment to Forgive Myself and Others

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Forgive Myself and Others
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Forgive Myself and Others

Purpose and Recognition:  One of the hardest lessons we often learn, is the lesson of forgiveness.   There is a value to forgiveness that opens the door to Love.  When we want to live a freer life, the only way to experience that is to forgive ourselves and others; no matter what the event may have been.  Learning to do this can be quite challenging without the fortitude of knowing that no harm can come to us when we are forgiving.  To live a life of forgiveness…Say:

All that is God, is Love.  Love is the purpose and the fortitude of Life Itself.  Everything in Life expresses Love perfectly, and harms nothing.  The Presence that fulfills Itself through Love knows only giving.  Love is not for receiving…It is for-giving.

Unification: I am One with the Infinite Nature of God.  Love is the center of my being and Life is the expression of that Love in me.  I am One with Life, and all of Life is One with me.  My Perfect Wholeness is without harm, without blame and without expectation; It is the givingness of Spirit within me.  I am Forgiving.

Realization: Anything that has ever hurt me has been caused by my own expectation.  Those things which caused me to judge others are simply the activity of my own mind not accepting others for who they are, and I forgive myself for judging others unjustly.  Anyone that has fallen short of my expectation is now set free by the Light of God’s Love within me, for I recognize a greater Truth and know that my desire to be free from the burden of guilt and blame, is greater than the need to continue in unforgiveness.  I freely offer my forgiveness to anyone and anything that has injured me, cheated me, disenfranchised me, held me captive, or been present in an unfavorable situation.  I choose to no longer hold a grudge against anyone or anything that thinks differently than me, or practices their own way of living different that I; for I know that there is only One Life and that Life is God!  I let forgiveness be my way of thanksgiving, and I surrender those thoughts that compromised my gratitude or my recognition of the Truth of All beings everywhere; in exchange I know that I am Love.  I am Joy.  I am Whole.  I am Free.

Thanksgiving:  I am so grateful for the Love that lives within me.  I am so grateful that each and every person on this planet has their own path and that our paths have crossed at some point and each of us has been blessed by our interaction.  Gratefully I accept my own forgiveness calling forth Love as my healing agency.

Release:  I release my Word into the Law of Mind, feeling sensing and believing that all of this is True.  I allow the Universal Law of Mind to complete the actions of this prayer, forming here and now, a Perfect Freedom.  I know it is done…

And so it is.             Amen


  1. This takes Thanksgiving and Forgiveness to a different level…thank you…I always forget to forgive myself…….it is done! 😉

    • The most important person to forgive. It all begins with us…and seeing as we are the only common denominator in all our experiences it only makes sense to begin the work with ourselves.

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