Treatment to Activate My Desires

Download audio file:  Treatment to Activate My Desires
Download printable PDF file:  Treatment to Activate My Desires


Purpose and Recognition:  Each of us have desires:  desires greater than we may have ever expressed before.  And yet to some people, our desires may seem insignificant, and yet to others, our desires may be viewed as totally incomprehensible.  But no matter what our desires are…WE CAN HAVE THEM!  All we have to do is activate that desire.  To activate our desires….Say:


I live in a world that is activated by the Power of Love.  All that has ever been, is being, and shall ever be, is an expression of Love.  Just as God is Love, each and every desire I have is the Love that I share in God.  The most True, most Real thing about me is that God in me is my desires activated.  The Spirit of Activation, and the Truth of Desire are One and the same.  It is God and It is Love.


Unification:    I know that I am One with the Power of Love.  Each and every beat of my heart activates the very demonstration of God as Love.  Each desire within me is an activated principle within the Mind of God and I am One with that Mind.  There is nothing within me that does not, nor cannot activate my Pure Essence, for I am the Essence of Greater Life, and that Life is my Life NOW!


Realization:  Each and every person I interact with signifies a new reality in the coming of my demonstrations.  I easily understand what is important, and who I am.  Every action of my body and my mind support a greater realization of that Universal Activity that lives within me to push into expression that which I long to experience.  I waver not in my conviction that each step I take brings me closer to realizing my desires.  I am activated by the Love I have for that which I do.  I am empowered to become a greater expression of the One just because I recognize my desires.  I am more loving through the continued sharing of my gift, and I am renewed through the generosity of Spirit to create through me that which I desire NOW!  Everyone in my life supports me in achieving my desires.  The very air I breathe enacts a Law of Circulation within me to set forth my receptivity.  I open my heart to receive the blessings of my desires and the gifts of others.  All of my desires are NOW fully activated for I acknowledge Love as the Source and Substance of my Life.


Thanksgiving:  I am so very grateful for the activity of Love in my Life.  I am so grateful for those things that I know and trust and believe are the Perfect Activity of Divine Mind bringing All Things forth for Perfect Life to be expressed.  I am filled and fueled by Love in my thanksgiving and I celebrate all this as being so.


Release:   I release my Word into the Law of Mind, knowing that the activation of Truth has already taken place and all I have to do is sit back and witness it unfold.  It is done…


And so it is.             Amen



  1. This treatment gave me warm fuzzies…..and such hope!!

    • So Beautiful, Love is the action the demonstration of the divine demonstrating through me. I am Love and I freely give knowing and feeling the unity of the spirit guiding me into greater yet to be… mmmmm love it..

    • To you and Sylvia whom commented…
      How often do we forget to activate our desires rather than to just have them as ideas? This is the meaning of “faith without works is dead.”

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