Treatment to Meet My Perfect Partner


Download audio file here:  Treatment to Find My Perfect Partner
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Find My Perfect Partner




Purpose and Recognition:  Many people today are seeking to find that perfect someone to spend the rest of their earth days with.  And what most of us commonly think is that that person doesn’t exist, or someone else is already spending their life with them.  Yet, we all keep thinking that there is still that possibility of finding the elusive partner, and if we hold out long enough, someone is sure to arrive.  If you would like to find your partner NOW…Say:


The Universe is created out of Perfection.  Everything in the Universe is fulfilled through its unity with Divine Parity.  Each and every molecule, cell, fiber, and atom of life is created with a Perfect Pattern and that Pattern includes the right partnership and the right relationship with everything that is like Itself.  All that God has created is made in Its image and likeness.  God is not alone for It is All Things and in All Things Perfect Partnership is all there is.


Unification: I know that I am created out of God stuff.  Everything that lives within me recognizes itself to be contained within the Perfect Pattern.  All that I am is satisfied and paired up with just what it is that makes me Whole.  I am One with the Perfect Harmony that exists as Perfect Partnership.


Realization:  Nothing in Life has been created without having its own perfect partner.  Every pair in life is Divinely brought into Union through right Relationship and the Perfect Pattern of Life that is existing within all things.  I could not be left out.  There is a Perfect Partner for me NOW and I am open to recognizing my partner today!  The only thing that has ever stopped me from meeting my Perfect Partner has been an illusion I believed in and I dispel that illusion and see the Truth NOW!  I no longer believe that there isn’t the right person for me, or that the right person isn’t available, and I replace that belief with the knowingness that who I am, is attractive and worthy of my Perfect Partner.  Today I celebrate in my awareness of that which I seek no longer is seeking me, but I recognize it and accept it.  Whomever is Perfect and Right for me is easily recognized by me and I no longer hesitate by thinking lonely thoughts or continuing the search.  I accept my Partner NOW, trusting in the Universal Unity that brings all of Life’s Partners together.


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful to now know that I can never be alone for God in me is always bringing to me that which I claim and accept.  I am filled with enthusiasm for the way my heart is glad NOW!


Release:  And I release this into the Law of Mind feeling, sensing and believing that all of this is done, right here and right now.  My search is over, my Perfect Partner has appeared.  It is so…


And so it is.             Amen



  1. So beautiful. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you Rev Les

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