Global Economy

Have you thought about this terminology?


Many of us believe that a global economy is a combination of the number of people working, with a plentiful amount of currency available for future and current needs, and an added idea of continued growth.


But what a global economy is really, has more to say about how each of us can share in the greatness of one another and those gifts that we bring to this life for everyone.  When there is an ever increasing sense of personal value, our national economies thrive; and when we have little to no self-esteem, what we have is collapse of the individual markets:  you and I.


Because we are all connected on some level, and because each of us bring some added value to this planet just from being on it, we have an obligation to express that gift.  When we shun our gifts in search of satisfaction outside ourselves, us, and everyone around us, feel that shrinking, and it isn’t but shortly following that long term strategies die.  When there is no incentive, we as a species, do not believe life will get better for us.  Therein lies the problem.  And so we continue in the pattern that we have been following until eventually we burn out or get burnt up.


A global economy requires equality.  A global economy requires everyone to understand and to serve the economy (Life) that lives on this planet.   A global economy is the economical service that we provide to others that reside around us.  The exponential impact of one person touching the lives of those he or she interacts with, and each of those people touching the lives of who they each in turn interact with, is the immediate view of the world being one global reality.  People whose lives impact peoples lives unknown to them through the common folks that each of us know.


For there to be any equality on this planet then everyone must be valued equally.  Everyone on the planet has a gift to share, whether they are a beggar on the street, a scientist who finds cures, or any businessman that has the capability of managing or organizing a socio-economical model that we call a business.  Each gift is equally as valuable, and what separates us all, is that we are willing to pay someone more for what is perceived to be a greater gift.


It says in the Bible, that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  And what I believe this means is that each of us that partakes within the system of “haves” and “have nots” and places a higher value on someone than on another, are in fact, promoting the failure in a system where mankind can experience equality.


When we pay a CEO of a corporation more than we deposit into the cup of a stranger begging on the street, what we have done is substituted equality for inequality.  It is this very action that disrupts the global economy.


Can you imagine a world where everyone makes the same amount of money and corporations provide a product that isn’t based in marketing but is based in providing the best product possible to humanity, suited specifically for the enrichment of all life; not for profit.  Where each product is distributed based upon its need only, produced only when there is a need for the product, and at a price that is unilaterally the same, in complete cooperation with our use of resources and the health and welfare of the planet.


Competition breeds greed and a loss of self-esteem, yet we have believed that when someone wins their self-esteem rises.  I cannot find a valid reason that the loss in one person can provide a sense of greatness in an individual that has won.  It may enhance his or her drive to get better at what he or she does, but competing to prove that you or I are better at something than anyone or someone else is catastrophic.


We are designed to be in cooperation with others not in competition.  To be the best at something isn’t a defect, at least, while we are taking others along with us.  I would rather see everyone become the best they possibly can at everything, but mostly, at what gift they came here to express, so as to enrich their own self-esteem and to generate unity among the whole spectrum of life.  Unified cooperation.


So many of us are living our lives based upon someone else’s needs or someone else’s ideas of what we should become.  Maybe that is our parents, or our mentors, or even what the current trend in society is telling us that society needs; when in reality, we should all only be doing that which we came here to do.  Just like in nature, roses are not trying to be pine trees, just because more wood is necessary to build houses for our rapidly over populating world.


How can you, in your own individual greatness, add to a global economy?


What gift did you come to share with Life?



  1. Wow you are on fire and I love YOUR gift of teaching and sharing! I could not agree MORE!! I like this concept and I am going to put energy our there more and more of “Global Love!”

    • there is only One family on the planet, but we like to pretend there is more. We are all connected to this Life by our use of the air, the water, the soil, the sun, and the resources which feed us and nourish us. When we begin to realize that how we act, and what we do with those things that we think we need (until we don’t need them or want them anymore), then we may find that intrinsically, everyone wants the same thing: To be Loved. To be recognized as having value. To be treated with kindness and compassion. To be seen as Whole, Perfect and Complete and to have that very experience. It’s not that hard to understand. But what I have discovered is that the way our socio-economic system is designed, the flaw is in favoritism. Whether that is in cars, food, geographies, monies, or people. and then we add to that…the people who seem to have more, favor things much differently than people who have little. It’s always the same thing…a teaching deficit. The main thing that is missing in all systems of cultures is: LOVE. just plain unconditional LOVE. And i get it. WE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! (line from a great movie!) True Love has no opposites. True Love has no conditions to be met. True Love doesn’t require agreements. I am looking more toward this everyday. Finding ways to live from this awareness and to continue to teach this at a more absolute way everyday. Thank you for reading the post and commenting..

      • I could not agree MORE!! I choose to live from the same place Les…..a place of Love….it gives me such a warm and happy feeling! Thank YOU for your writing and teaching that inspires my Life!!

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