Treatment to Release Expectation

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Release Expectations
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Release Expectation


Purpose and Recognition:  So many of us have certain expectations that hinder a greater experience of peace and serenity in our lives; expectations that require others to show up in a way that may not be natural or necessary, and that cause discomfort and an overwhelming sense of resistance from others.  By not letting things unfold in an organic manner and forcing actions to occur may or may not be fruitful to ease us into a greater sense of self-serenity, or a peaceful demonstration of Love.  When a need to expect certain results arise…Say:

The Perfect Activity of Love is filling all space and time with Its Goodness.  That which is demonstrating as Peace and Serenity is the joyous unfoldment of the Universal Presence that lives and moves and has Its being within All Things.  All that God is maintains a Perfect Harmony and Peaceful Serenity, gifting Life with Its Love and Its Goodness.

Unification: I know that I am One with the Serene Life.  One with the very Love that God is, and One with the fullness that shows up as All Things expressing themselves perfectly.  That which creates a peaceful and serene environment and Loving Life is my Life NOW!  I am One with living in Trust.

Realization:  The very Truth that I seek Peace and Serenity is an establishment of a belief in my mind that doubts I could have trust and faith.  I easily retract my belief and replace it with the Truth of Being:  All Things live together for the Good of All other things, and I know that All things work together for the Greater Good of life Itself.  I no longer have any sense of need, no sense of unsettled activity, no sense or requirement to have something show up or demonstrate itself the way I think or feel it needs to be.  I release my need to control situations, circumstances and events NOW, and allow the fullest resolve of life to present to me that which is for my highest and greatest Good.  I anchor myself in the awareness that everything is getting done at the Perfect and Right Time, in the Perfect and Right Way, by the Perfect and Right People, through the Perfect demonstration of Love.  I resolve myself to accept this Greater Truth.  I only allow the Allness of God to prevail in each and every situation so that no harm, upset, or discontent comes near my resting place.  I sit in the calm assurance of Perfection as the only way Life evolves, and I rejoice in this very Truth.

Thanksgiving:  I am grateful for the knowingness that exists within me now, allowing my heart to expand and surround all of life with a sense of completeness just as it is.  I generously give of myself to act in a manner that corresponds to the very Nature of God within me.  I give great thanks as I surrender this treatment to the Loving Presence that lives within me as me.

Release:   And so I release this into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing that all of this is True.  That the ground on which I stand is Holy Ground, and the Law of Mind produces that same effect in my Life NOW!  Easily do I stand in the Truth of my being announcing it is so.

And so it is.             Amen


  1. Wow I so needed this…..I LOVE this teaching and the way YOU teach it….thank you! I have read this three times so far and it has helped me so much!! Awesome!!

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