Treatment to Celebrate Life

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Celebrate Life
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Purpose and Recognition:  Some days call for us to be aware of age, social status, family, friends, where we are with our feelings, and who we associate with.  Often, we may forget to maintain a constant state of gratitude for the things and experiences of our life, especially, when today is the day to celebrate how we have added one more year to our very own life.  When we cannot see the good fortune of turning another year over to the past…..Say:


I know that this Life that is before me is the Life of God expressing perfectly.  The Eternal Nature of the Divine is implanted within all things, and lives Its Life by means of that which It has created.  Pure Beauty is always being displayed and each new generation of Life is another demonstration of that same Beauty that exists within All Things.


Unification: I am One with Beauty.  Perfect Unity is being expressed in and through me now.  I align myself with the Infinite Creator and feel and sense my connectivity to It.  That which is ageless and timeless is who and what I am.  I am One with the Life that is being expressed in Its perfection by means of me, and each and every day adds greater wisdom and greater clarity to me.


Realization:  Nothing I can or cannot do hinders me.  Time is neither for me nor against me.  That which I recognize as the Truth of my Being supports me as I evolve and grow into my most mature consciousness.  I give up all sense of death and celebrate Life as always being Life.  This day, the day of my birth, is the most joyous day I have ever known, and I claim that each day, from this day forward, adds to my joy and celebration of Life.  Even though I may see differences in my form as each day passes, I also recognize the tremendous change that is always taking place, I am I glad to know this as the One Power, and One Presence, the One Life and the One Birth.  I gift myself Life in ways that I never have permitted myself to live before.  I announce the greatness of God within me and everything that I see, smell, taste and touch, and I hear the voice of God loud and clear.  This is the day which the Lord hath made, and I am glad and rejoicing in it!  Each and every person in my life is the gift I have received from Life and I cherish each gift and the value that gift brings to all of Life.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this reconciliation that is taking place within me.  I give thanks for another day in the Life of God.  I celebrate Life in new and exciting ways, and boldly surrender the past for my incredible present.  Gratefully do I surrender and let go.


Release:   I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, knowing that all things conform to the Law of Mind, and All Things are governed by that same Law.  I simply hand this over, believing that it is done.


And so it is.     Amen



  1. Beautiful!! I love that time is neither for OR against me….and boldly surrender the past for my incredible present…..awesome! Thank YOU!! Les

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