Treatment to Be a Money Magnet


Download audio file here:  Treatment to Be a Money Magnet
Download printable pdf file here:  Treatment to Be a Money Magnet


Purpose and Recognition:  Everybody could use more money.  It doesn’t matter how much we have, or how much we need, what matters is what we think about money, and how to get it to constantly flow toward us.  Our minds are magnets for money when they are used in the service of creating wealth.  To use your mind as a magnet for money….Say:


I know that the Source of all Financial Success is the Principle which creates All Good.  The Power of the One Mind flows through everything as it moves towards those things which recognize it as the Only Power.  Everywhere that Abundance is, the Infinite Mind of God is, and all the Goodness of God can be found here.  There is only Mind acting as the magnet which draws to It the Good that It creates.  There is Endless Supply of Wealth and Love, Joy and Prosperity in the recognition of God as our Source.


Unification: I know that I am One with the Source of All Good.  That which comes to me, comes through me, and is me NOW.  I AM Money!  The Mind of God is my mind NOW and that Mind which was in Christ is the Mind that directs the flow of money, which is Love in me as me.  Prosperity and I share this body I live in.  I and Wealth create greater Good as me Now.  I and the unification of God magnetizes me as the receiver of money, prosperity, and Love.  I and It are One.


Realization:  I realize that the only reason that I do not have the amount of money that I deserve is because I have repelled it away from me.  I held thoughts before this moment, and I acted out in the ways which pushed my Good away from me.  I believed that money was something that I had to earn.  I lived from the place where I could never be rich as I dreamed I that I am.  I let all that go NOW!  I open up my receptivity to acknowledge money flowing to me NOW!  As I turn up my awareness of my Oneness to the Source of all that is Good, that which I desire is immediately stuck to me.  My bank account is filled with the Living Spirit of God.  My wallet demonstrates the Law of Circulation as I open it and withdraw from the wellspring of Love, all that is necessary to live a prosperous life.  Every time I speak, I affirm the Truth of my Prosperity and I acknowledge the Spirit of Love as the Source and Substance of my Wealth.  I no longer can remember never having enough.  I no longer believe in lack or need.  I accept that God within me, not only supplies my needs, but fills me to overflowing with riches and goodness.  And in my gratitude, I in turn give to the world around me in the areas of its needs, so that all may benefit from God’s greatest gifts I constantly recieve.


Thanksgiving:  I joyously proclaim my thanksgiving, and acknowledge God for the Love that I receive.  I am blessed and gratefully I bless others.


Release:   I release this Truth into the Law of Mind, knowing that the Law always demonstrates according to what I have put into it.  I announce this as so.

And so it is.     Amen


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