Treatment to Live My Life’s Purpose

Download audio file here:  Treatment to Live My Life Purpose
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Live My Life Purpose

Purpose and Recognition:  Each of us has come with some specific gift to proclaim to the world.  Our lives are so intertwined that often we may get confused or overwhelmed by the messages that we keep hearing in our hearts, about what it is we have come here to deliver to this planet, especially when we see others demonstrating their gift so fully, with such conviction and determination, allowing their lives to encompass greatness.  When we gauge our lives based upon another’s purpose rather than our own…Say:

I know that the Perfect Expression of That which is ever-present in and through All Things, is right where I am.  The dynamic gift of Life lives within me and within everyone equally.  God, the most Essential Self, expresses fully throughout Life in an equally distributed nature.  All of Life demonstrates the Perfect Purpose of the Infinite Universal Spirit which is God.

Unification: I am One with this Infinite Expression.  That which expresses Life perfectly is my expression now!  I am fully unified with that which lives within me and guides me into my expression, for I and It are One.  That which causes others to express, causes me to express equally.  All are One in the Perfect Expression of a Life on Purpose.

Realization:  I claim the dynamic demonstration of Divine Right Purpose in my Life NOW!  Nothing stands between me and that Perfect Life I came here to give.  I know that I have come that others might have life and have it more abundantly, and I joyously recognize the gift within me and share it NOW!  I hold no ideas that hinder me, or that deter the fullest expression I came here to live, to obstruct or convince me that I am not good enough.  I AM.  I AM that which God has implanted within me and I NOW recognize, live and share this gift freely.  Every Good that I entered this life with, easily and effortlessly flows through me and out into the Greater I AM of Life.  My gift to Life is how I choose to live, and I choose to be living Love.  That which Spirit directs I easily understand, unify myself with, and deliver, for I know that I am that vessel by which Spirit pours Itself into Life.  I claim that my Divine Purpose in Life is NOW the only expression of Life which comes forth through me, and I am grateful to live this gift.

Thanksgiving:  I offer my gratitude to Life Itself for such a tremendous Purpose I have received.  I prove my gratitude by the results of my works.  My faith demonstrates the Love of God within me as I joyously surrender all that I used to hold myself back, as I reach for and drink from the chalice of Love.

Release:   I release my Word into the Law of Mind, knowing that every Good thing has already been given.  I simply allow the full activity of the Law to demonstrate according to my belief…And I DO BELIEVE!

And so it is.     Amen


  1. Just a brief FYI, when I clicked on Download PDF the audio file downloaded instead.

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