Consciousness in Question

Are we a product of consciousness?

Or is consciousness a product of us?


I have been intrigued by this question for quite some time, and because there is nothing visible in and of consciousness, these are not questions that can be answered by a mind that thinks.

Emma Curtis Hopkins speaks about realizations that are beyond thought and that if the mind dared to try to understand, it would just frustrate itself and die.

Jesus said that we were to not judge by appearances so if consciousness could project itself into a visible form (appearance) that that wouldn’t be consciousness.

Ernest Holmes says that we see what we look at, and Descartes said that we see with what we look with.  So how can these questions be answered if the mind cannot understand?

What lives within our body that keeps us alive?  Is it our heart? Or our blood vessels and muscle and tissue taking direction from our mind?  Where is Mind?  Is it the brain?

Everything cycles back to what we know..and much of our lives are spent trying to live by what we know that we know.  But what if there was another way to live without the distortions of the mind?  Or the influences by that intelligence that responds as life within us?

Each and every day our muscles go through a series of motions and the mind doesn’t have to focus on that, unless we are testing our limits and learning to move past those limits.  But how does the body sleep, and know what to do while the mind appears to be sleeping?

Consciousness is the ground of all being according to quantum physics, but what is above the ground?  Is there something that even science cannot define or test for?  What is consciousness?  Do you know?

Write in and give us your view on consciousness.

There is a system within the Universe which purposely stores energy for us to find.  It doesn’t withhold…but it appears to not be giving us clues.

Man in and of himself cannot create one element of life…but through the Intelligence of the Divine within each of us, we learn more and more each day about what the potentialities of consciousness is.  But we also know that we cannot harness it.

So where does consciousness come from?  Can we possibly grow ours to be more fulfilling?

There is such confusion around consciousness, and I say this for the sheer fact that not everybody received the same agreement when they came to this earth.

If we are a product of consciousness, then where is consciousness.

And if there are none who have consciousness then all the money would still be in one location, and there wouldn’t be a need to have judicial overhauls.  So what can you and I do to discover that which lies within us but yet, cannot be seen, felt, touched or smelled?

Each and every day something takes place within us: series of calculations, divisions of cells, absorption of nutrients, circuits of interior voltage, sensory perceptions, and the intake and outflow of organic matter.  How does this occur?

Is the workings of natural order and laws of physics united into one giant orchestrated harmony, constantly making room for randomization…those things which cannot be expected in a field of limitless potential?  What is consciousness?

Ernest Holmes says that consciousness is not self-conscious.  It is both subjective and objective.  (see the page under Spiritual Mind Treatments/defining phrases and terms).  Objective…that which is external to the mind.  Subjective… Beneath the threshold of consciousness.  The inner side.  Subconscious.

What is it in us that knows?  And how is it that we can do things without knowing how to do them?  What gives us our inner direction?

If we are products of consciousness then consciousness cannot lie within us, for we wouldn’t have access to it because it lies external to the mind.  That which is beyond the mind, mind cannot use.

If it is a product of us, then we can’t have any until we create it.  More simply stated then we couldn’t have come into this life with any consciousness.  If this is the case how do we create it?

If consciousness on the other hand just is, Then our field of study becomes…how do I discover consciousness and how do I use it?  This was the great announcement from Ernest Holmes, “There is a power for good in the Universe and you can use it!”. How we can use it is the basis of the Science of Mind.

Consciousness exists whether we are aware of it or not.  Our study is to reach that place of awareness where all that we become is an activity of living, moving and having our very being in that consciousness which is One.  In this One we all live, and move and have our being.

It is not Mind.  It is not a thing to be worshipped.  Consciousness can not save us no matter what we think it is.  There is no salvation, for it (consciousness) is all that there is and we cannot be saved from something that we are.  It is not a concept.  It is not just a fancy notion or a high ideal.  It is beyond thought and it is beyond recognition, though we can see its effects.  We cannot create consciousness and we cannot diminish consciousness.

We cannot use consciousness but we can open up ourselves up to it.  That which is, must remain changeless or it no longer is what it is.  So consciousness cannot ever be more than it is.  We can never gain anymore.  We can never lose any.  We cannot evolve it, and it can never evolve.

What we must ask ourselves is: “What do I believe about consciousness?”. And begin our work there.  We must throw out every concept we have until we arrive at an emptiness of polarities, opposites and relatives.  We must arrive at ONE!

All our answers must be One, One, One!

When we can arrive here…we have begun to live…and not a moment sooner.

For it is here that we understand that All is One.  There is no you and I, there is only One.   There is no respecter of life for life isn’t to be respected it is to be lived.  There is no senses to fulfill, there is only the One which is always full, never emptying for there is nothing for It to empty Itself into.

What you are I am.  I am that which is. One.

Consciousness cannot be divided into any parts for it is Wholeness.   That which is whole is not made up of parts.  No part of me is consciousness…I Am Consciousness.  I am neither a product of nor do I produce consciousness.  I express It!

What do you believe about consciousness?



  1. You said one Wednesday night talk: “the universe is a thought in the mind of God” or was it “the universe is a thought in God’s mind”. I always liked that statement.

    If so, then everything in the Universe is created of and by God’s consciousness. So from huge galaxies to the dirty dishes on my kitchen counter, consciousness is all there is and it just takes various forms.

    I also think that my consciousness is a subset of God’s consciousness, a small part of the whole. I can understand all this as a philosophy, the difficult part is living it as truth, having faith that it is true, and properly interpreting and understanding the personal reality I create. It means that every minute, everything that occurs in my life is a demonstration.

    The “bad” part is when I get stuck, start feeling depressed and things just seem to be piling up on me and I can’t move.

    Other times I feel like I am rapidly moving forward, things unfold quickly to my advantage and life is fun, exciting and rewarding.

    But I am still the same consciousness, so why the difference, sometimes stuck, sometimes moving forward?

    OK, I just re-read your blog and what I wrote above and I THINK I FOUND MY ERROR in thinking. I wrote “I also think that my consciousness is a subset of God’s consciousness, a small part of the whole.” You wrote “Consciousness cannot be divided into any parts for it is Wholeness.” It is difficult for me to see and experience my consciousness as being that big, that expansive, that total.

    It will take me a while to adjust my thinking, to actually experience my consciousness as big as the universe. The closest I have come is sometimes before I go to sleep I see myself as a point of light in space speeding forward and the star fields around me are rapidly moving toward me and past me. I really like when that experience occurs.

    I remember on another Wednesday night you said “The totality of God is within you”. Is that, and “the universe is a thought in the mind of God” something that Holmes or another new thought author wrote? Or are those your own words to express those ideas?


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