Treatment to Release Stress


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Purpose and Recognition:  There are things that create stressful experiences in our lives, things that just seem to be overwhelming or as if there is just so much coming at us so fast, things that need to be solved or resolved right now, that it is not uncommon for us to feel a little stressed out.  To remove this feeling from our experience…..Say:


I know that Right where I am the Infinite Life of God is.  God is that awareness that knows Itself as all that there is.  Everything in the Universe responds to the activity of the Mind of God and all that has ever been required, created, experienced or thought of, is that One Mind in action.  The Endless ability to create Peace and Harmony is the Divine Right Action of God expressing Itself fully.


Unification: I know that I am One with this Endless ability;  One with the Limitless Power of the Universe to achieve and to conceive.  All that I am is the significance of God demonstrating out into Life as a projection of Itself, and I am One with the Truth, the Life and the Wholeness that is God.  I am One with the Ease and Grace by which All Things come into Being.  That which creates calm and assuredness is One with me.


Realization:  I realize that any stressful situation is only my own individual mind acting as if it believed that I am separate and apart from God.  I claim that the only Mind that there is, is the Mind of God as it projects Itself and Its Perfect Idea into endless ability.  There is nothing in me or in anything that I assume to be mine to do, which can separate me from the Ease and Grace that is God.  The Infinite Storehouse of the Great Mind of God is placed within me, and I NOW recognize this and claim this for myself.  I easily complete everything that comes before me, and I move into a greater realization of my own endless ability, as I effortlessly take each bold step forward.  I remove any sense of doubt from my mind.  I release any sense of anxiety or unsettling within me, as I gladly let loose of the lesser and pick up the greater.  That which I am can and does act with confidence and assurance.  That which I am asked to do, I easily complete feeling as if this was far too easy, and so I inform the Universe of my desire to achieve an even greater sense of ability within me.  I am confident.  I am active.  I do not doubt and I do not fear, for I am the limitless expression of the Divine.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this awareness, grateful for the achievement of a greater satisfaction in my life.  My heart is filled to the brim and overflowing with thanksgiving for always being an expression of the Divine.  As my gratitude pours over from within me into the affairs of my life, I simply raise my heart up as a gesture of faith.


Release:   I release this treatment, this spoken Word of God, into the Law of Mind, knowing that as I have spoken it, the world gracefully reclines into the arms of Love, and I stand witness to the Power of this Truth.  I know it is done…

And so it is.     Amen



  1. Thank you soooo very much Rev. DeMarco. This treatment has uplifted me and blessed me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Peace and Blessing

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