Treatment to Trust in Divine Appointment

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Trust in Divine Appointment
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Trust in Divine Appointment


Purpose and Recognition:  Knowing that today marks the balloting of change for future generations, let us rest in the knowledge that we are governed by and directed by the One Holy Spirit which is God in humanity.  Though this may look like voting for an individual, we are voting for what we believe in and the hopes of the future for our lives to be a fuller expression of freedom, prosperity and equality.  To insure this…Say:


I recognize that there is One Infinite Power that guides and governs mankind.  This Power is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.  This is God.  All that God is demonstrates Itself through the activity of Love, Equality, Prosperity, and Freedom.  God is our Freedom.  Love is our Freedom.  Prosperity is the Love of God spread equally throughout all of Life in Its Highest Expression.


Unification: I am One with this Great Loving Presence.  The Wisdom of God in me directs my path into right Realization, Right Decision, and Right Acceptance.  I am One in the Spirit, One in Love.  My idea of God is that God is the Good that we all can agree upon.  I am unified with the Acceptance that God is the only governance in my life and that life is Good.


Realization:  I do not accept the appearance of a will apart from God or a desire apart from God, or a selfhood apart from God, or a condition apart from God.  I accept that One and All are the out-picturing of the consciousness of The One and therefore, everything enfolds itself into the Great I AM.  I hold no resentment for any political campaign that may not be in alignment with what I know to be true of God for I know that God is all there is and there is no validity in the outcome of an election where anything or anyone other than God could be present.  We can never come to the end of God in governance or an end to God as the only director of our lives; for God, can’t come to an end.  So anything that looks like an end to me is only me coming to the end of my realization.  And so I choose, here and now, to release any expectation, any idea that either side is more suited to express God more fully, for I surrender to the Truth that only God demonstrates as the One Full Reality.  I joyously celebrate my overcoming.  I gladly release anything that may jeopardize my realization of Oneness.  I do not believe that there is God and something else, I believe only in God.  With that…I relax, and rest in the calm assurance of God Victory.


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful beyond measure for the celebration of my Spirit for the victory of my heart.  I am expanded and overflowing with gladness for this outcome.  I raise my victory flag in recognition of the One, feeling my connection to all of Life.


Release:    I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, where all subjectivity rises up to make this a Perfect Alignment as Truth.  Knowing, Sensing, Surrendering, Celebrating and Believing, that it could only be this Way:  ONE.  One in Christ.  One in Mind.  One in Love.  One.

And so it is.     Amen

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