Treatment to Realize my Full Potential

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Realize My Pure Potential
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Realize My Pure Potential


Purpose and Recognition:  With every change that comes our way, we are asked to change or create something to avoid that change.  Sometimes it may seem as if we are being stretched beyond our ability, and we may not know how to cope with the ensuing change.  Part of this comes about by not being aware of our own potential; to recognize our pure potential…Say:


I know that the Limitless Potential of the Universe is always in demonstration right where I am.  That which creates out of Itself, lives and moves and has Its being right where I am and right where all of Life is.  Power, Peace, Love, Creativity, Abundance, Prosperity and Wholeness is the make-up of that Universal Presence which I call God.  God is Pure Potential and It is right where I am.


Unification: I am One with this Presence that is God.  Pure Potential is the make-up of my very being and as such, all that I am is the dynamic and fluid potential of God within me.  My awareness of my unity with all the Power, Peace, Love, Creativity, Abundance, Prosperity and Wholeness of God is my Oneness realized.  I am a Perfect Balance of the Potential of God and the out-picturing of that Potential in each and every thought, word, and deed.


Realization:  I realize that everything that becomes necessary for me to be all that I need to become in any given moment, lies within me.  The Pure Potential that lives within me expresses Itself by the very choices that I make.  I live in a consciousness that embraces the fluidity of Life within me and all that is rising up for me to express my goodness more fully than I ever have before.  I leave nothing for chance, for I believe in the Divine Right Perfect Order of Life as it out-pictures by means of me.  Though times, needs and people change, I claim that the Love of God that lives as me knows exactly what to do at the Perfect and Right Time in the Perfect and Right Way.  Nothing moves in my experience unless my potential is moving it.  I joyfully speak my word that I always express my potential in every way necessary for the enhancement of my life and the lives of others.  I accept a greater sense of self-worth and security knowing that all that I need for a happy and successful Life already lives within me and is expressing Itself fully NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful for the awareness that moves me, grows me, delivers stability through Divine Right Action, and I joyously accept this Truth to be so.  I allow my heart to express its gratitude as I expand to accept a greater love for myself and others.


Release:  And it is from this place of joyous gratitude that I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing that all that I have spoken is True, and that the Universal Law of Mind has created a corresponding action in my life.  It is so…

And so it is.     Amen


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