Treatment to Hear the Voice of God Within

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Hear the Voice of God Within
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Hear the Voice of God Within

Purpose and Recognition:  When there is an inner disturbance, outer distractions, or we are immobilized by fear, or our doubt blocks us from making decisions that could enhance our lives, more times than not, we have turned off our listening device to the voice of God within.  It can seem ridiculous or even outright weird to hear a voice from within and then follow it with an action, especially if we don’t know where that voice is coming from, or what that voice is.  There is that something within us that always knows what is Perfect and Right.  To hear it…Say:

I know that there is only One active participation in the Universe.  One Divine Cause.  One Impulse.  And the impulsion of that Cause is God.  Everything in the Universe is composed of and responds to the Word of God.  Each and everything that was made, is being made, and shall ever be made, is the action of this Word, which is God.  That which Speaks throughout the Universe creates all things.

Unification: I am One in God.  One of God.  One as God.  Every atom of my being is the Beingness of God.  The Voice of God is the voice that speaks me into existence as the impulsion of the Divine.  The Voice of God is the Voice within me NOW!

Realization: I know that I am the activity of the Spoken Word of God.  All I hear comes through the organs of God within me; responding to the action of the Word that is God within me.  I am finely attuned to and respond by this very Word.  I, in turn, speak my Word, hearing my own voice, and responding to the activity that corresponds in the Universe.  I know and accept that my Life always is led to and supported by, this Divine Cause which is God.  My Word activates the creative agency of the Universe creating by means of me, that which I desire.  There is only Good and no mixture within my Good, for Spirit within me always says “yes!”  I actively lean my ear toward heaven, hearing only the Voice of God, and I respond with a corresponding action, following the direction and the guidance of this Perfect Power within me.  Every Word I hear comes from the Voice of God within.  Each and every action I experience or undertake is a response to my hearing the Word of God.  I do not doubt.  I do not fear.  I do not analyze.  I do not judge.  I allow.  I claim.  I rejoice.  I live.

Thanksgiving:  And it is in this rejoicing that I celebrate the Word of God within me, here and NOW, giving of my talent and treasure to that which calls to me.  It is in gratitude that I acknowledge this as being True and Complete, right here and right now.

Release:  And so I release my Word, the Word which activates the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing, knowing and believing that it is done.  I express this as a complete action of Law, just allowing it to be.  And it is.

And so it is.     Amen


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