Treatment to Create Greater Faith

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Create Greater Faith
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Create Greater Faith

Purpose and Recognition:  How many of us often wonder, “Why don’t I have the Faith that it takes to do the things that I really know I came here to do?”  Well, I think that much of the time this only comes about because greater issues lie beneath the surface and we have yet to deal with them.  However, no matter what the underlying tone of disbelief is, there is always a greater Truth waiting to be revealed, and our faith strengthened…Say:

I know that Infinite Life is always knowing Its Oneness with All Things.  The animating energy of the Universe demonstrates through Eternal Truth and Love.  Love knows Its Oneness with Life, and Life gives Substance to Faith.  The Faith of God is evident in All Things manifest, and Its Truth completes all creation.  Faith is the Substance of all that Is.

Unification: I know that I am One with the Substance and the Ideas of God.  That which is me, demonstrates through the activity of my consciousness and becomes that which I am.  Perfect Trust shows up in my life because that which I desire is the Good that I ought to have, and it alone becomes that which I am.  I am unified with the activity of Truth taking shape as my Life.  Perfect Faith is mine now to do and to direct towards that which I am.

Realization: I realize that there may be certain things that appear to me to be bigger than Life, and that I have doubted in the past that I could not do things this big.  I know that the inner calling within me would and could never give me an idea that does not have a way to demonstrate in my life, therefore all that is mine to do, comes easily to me, and I have faith in its completion.  I know the inner guide within me gently convinces me of the Truth of my Being as I eagerly step forward to extend my trust towards those things that I came here to do and be.  No “thing” can hinder the activity of my faith for I have full and complete conviction NOW!  The Good which is within me easily expresses as a form that I desire and I ought to have it NOW!  My faith makes all things Whole, and it is my faith which converts fear into conviction, doubt into trust and fear into Love.  Nothing is left out of my experience and my desires easily are fulfilled.  I am transported to the Faith of God as I let go of my faith in God.  I surrender hope for knowing, wishing for deliverance, lack for enactment.  My conviction touches all that I do and all that I am and I permeate the Truth of my being with the Activity of Love in my Heart.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the awareness that all that I have spoken is True.  No words need be said to try to convince me any further, for faithfully I show my gratitude.  My heart is expanded and my Good is endless.

Release:  I release my Word into the Law of Mind, knowing that the activity of Mind has acted upon my Word, and with complete abandon I trust the Law to produce.  I place this on the altar of Love knowing it is done.

And so it is.     Amen

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