It’s all God, but is it all Good?


So many New Thought Churches and Centers following the Metaphysical Movement of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s can often be heard saying, “It’s All God, and therefore it’s All Good!”

Certainly when conditions in our lives appear to be challenging, and we are experiencing some form of fear or suffering, this slogan is less than compassionate.  And I have found myself saying this very thing, not thinking that what others may be experiencing do not, nor cannot, understand this platitude while life appears to be so difficult.

Whatever our condition, circumstance, event, or challenge—knowing what is the Truth may not necessarily be the words that satisfy or inspire.   As a minister, it isn’t uncommon for me to have people tell me of their troubles, and even though I know the Truth (spiritually) my heart overflows with love for my fellow man.

Can we see that it is not important to help the individual where they have held an error belief, or where some of their decisions may have led to this very experience they are having, and that—in and of itself—will not make ANYONE feel better, nor will it satisfy their pain?  In fact, it may very well add to their troubles.

When we can allow an individual to have their moment and not reach out to them to tell them how to get out of their pain, but rather, sit with them in their experience, what we develop within ourselves is a very compassionate heart.  People are entitled to their pain, whether we realize they shouldn’t be suffering, or even if we can clearly see a way out for them.  The most compassionate heart understands that each and every person on this planet deserves to have someone be there in the “moment” with them.  (And I want to be careful here to say that I am not saying to condone pain and suffering!)

When we honor people with our presence, and ask them with sincerity, how they are feeling, and really listening, showing them that we truly care about them, and not always trying to provide the solution for their obstacles, what we have developed is a friendship.

Now I know that many people use their story as a way to “get” something (and usually that is something that they think they need and they see us as a source for their Good).  And it becomes very interesting on our part to navigate controlling their situation, or being the source that supplies the way out, when in reality, we can never be the Good in anyone’s life, but we can be there to witness them finding their own.

Now it may go against modern psychology, or New Thought, to hold this position, but I would like to suggest “It’s all God, but it’s not all Good!”  Not in the sense that most might teach.  I see the suffering in the world.  I see people in deep pain.  I see children separated from their parents.  I see families that cannot feed themselves.  I see unemployed individuals.  I see people living on the streets.  I see global economies faltering and some collapsing.  I see, and sometimes I don’t like what I see.  And I want to say, “This is not Good!”

How do we get to know the Truth of it all being Good when our lives take turns for the worst?  Or when someone we know and love begins to suffer so?  This I cannot answer.  This I dare not!

I have had calamity in my life.  I have had trouble in my life.  I have lived on the street and in prison.  I have had drug issues.  I have lost loves, been divorced, lost jobs, poisoned myself and my career.  I have had serious catastrophic illnesses, and woke up in a morgue, or in backs of ambulances from overdoses; and I can tell you…in the physical life experience…there is no “Good” in that!  But today…I have my life.  It is quite different today than years past.  And yet, I do experience cycles of the past returning and each time, my memory enlists the pain and the suffering of those moments past.  And I admit…It’s hard to see the Good in that!

But I choose to find life to be sacred, holy, sometimes just and others not so just.  Being a minister of Religious Science brings me to be humbled by my life choices.  There seems to be something within me, something that is alien to my own senses, that knows something different; a choice foreign to my normal choice patterns.  And it is frightening because it is unknown.  And each and every time I choose from this place, some experience I have never expected arises.  And it is GOOD.

When I lean into the past fear helps me make my decisions.  When I lean into the unknown (which my mind tries to convince me is fearful), love guides my every step.  Each time that my life takes these radical turns toward some greater Good in my life, what I discover is that Love has always been the catalyst for this greater experience.

So, though It’s All God, and it may not all be Good, there is always a component within me ready to lift my experience up into a greater revelation of hope, of trust, of faith, of joy…and today…I recognize that as Love.  And when I recognize that Love is a Better Way, then I can leave fear behind and be grateful for the Good in my life.  Having gratitude is knowing Good is what I am experiencing today…and it is from this place that I can say:  “I accept the Good in my Life today.  God is my Life, and that Life is Good.”


  1. marispirit says:

    Inspiring thank you for your thoughts!

  2. sylvia mendez says:

    I know GOD is good with every ounce of my being we are one. I believe tragedy appears to be pain, because we can’t control what is transpiring therefore that leads to pain. These events are a message to us that we aren’t in control of anything. The pain we feel is life’s 2nd golden rule “treat others as you wish to be treated” comes to mind full-force. We hurt because it hurts us as if it was happening to us personally. Life’s tragedies are where we are perhaps called to demonstrate a higher level of compassion and love.

    I am learning the more I surrender my control and attach myself to no outcome, that’s when I experience less pain. This a practice not a just a thought. Tough but nothing worth having is easy.

    I agree when I see a homeless person or people in the east going through loss or death and their life is appearing to be a disaster. I know perfect cleansing or awakening is occurring; it’s a new road and new way. I think and ponder faith. I know and trust with all of my being I am one with this Source. All that encompasses me, is Faith.
    The Earth, Sun, Air, Water, this is all LOVE. We never worry about it appearing it simply is. We are GOD’s children and we lack nothing. I am grateful for this truth that demonstrates daily without fail. This moment is the Present filled with precious love everywhere I choose to make this moment count.

  3. Richard Lujan says:

    “When we can allow an individual to have their moment and not reach out to them to tell them how to get out of their pain, but rather, sit with them in their experience, what we develop within ourselves is a very compassionate heart”

    I absolutly love this. Compassion and empathy, the ability to place yourself in someone else’s situation and “see” from their perspective may be the best way to connect our human experience to our divine, to practice namaste. I heard a young girl say last week “I want to see you like God see’s you”, so simple and powerful.

    Can I quote you Les?

    • Richard…
      Of course you may quote me. This is all for the use of anyone to make their life more loving…in any way that may transpire for them. I am honored that you have found something here that speaks to you. Feel free to point anyone to any of this as you see fit. Use it to your hearts content. I am open to Spirit uniting us into One Loving Family—pain and all…joy and all. Share any of this with whom you may.
      We have some good things in the works. Soon stuff should be on the events page announcing speaking engagements.
      I am going to be placing a video chat on the site soon with a schedule of times so that others can check in and we can all be together learning from one another how to make our lives more complete with one another.
      It all takes time. Darn day job! LOL.

  4. Greetings Fellow Sojourners,

    IMO, this is Rev Les’s best topic/blog post to date. Over the last 40 years I have hear or seen “God is Love” 100’s of times. I never felt moved when I saw those, always wondering “what exactly does that mean?” It was, for me, a meaningless bumper sticker or platitude.

    Here I was moved by the last three paragraphs. It has given me a way to distinguish a fear based decision or action from from one that is difficult but based on the divine love within. It is all still vague for me but as I go forward I can focus on my inner feelings with some guidelines and understanding.

    I had an exciting (for me anyway) thought about what seems to be happening here. Rev Les has said that his purpose is to teach a true to the source, pure Religious Science as synthesized by Ernest Holmes. That is good and necessary but not revelatory.

    Rev Les has also said that in Holmes’ last lecture, now called “The Sermon by the Sea” Holmes said that he wished he had emphasized love more in his lectures and SOM writings. And I feel what is happening here is the continuation of Holmes work as he would have done if he lived longer. It is like the last unfinished chapter of the SOM is being written here and now. That to me is exciting and revelatory.

    Feels like Berkeley in the 60’s when I knew important changes in America’s consciousness was starting.

    So lets make this a fun ride. I think it is our responsibly as fellow sojourners to question Rev Les when we don’t understand something, maybe because the writing is unclear or because, and this is too be expected when opening new territory, his ideas are a little vague or unclear. Or express a disagreement when something doesn’t sound right. An of course, a pat on back when he is right on.

    Let us all step into the unknown that is fueled by love together.

    • This is a great response Tim. Thank You.
      A continuation of Ernest Holmes Work. Wow…what a thing to have read!
      Certainly if there is something that needs clarifying…I would be happy to do that (if I can!). I try not to opine too much as I feel Spirit within me is writing this stuff. I sometimes have questions of God for what I have received…but I am patient. I have learned that I don’t need to know what it all means…because I know that some of you out there know what it means and who it was meant for.
      I have heard it said, “You wrote that just for me.” Or , “Were you in my head again? How do you know what I need to hear?”
      I say this to God all the time!
      And so I don’t make it a point to question if this is what should go out to the site. When God grabs me by the nape of the neck and pushes me into the computer and says, “Here…Write this down.” I have learned not to question.
      Sometimes I have to sit with it. I have to ask if there is something else that I didn’t hear…if there is some other way that I could say this so that maybe even I might know what is meant by it. And I don’t always get to know…and I am good with that.
      Then…I may be reading something from Emma Curtis Hopkins, or Joel Goldsmith, or Ernest Holmes…and POW!!! There it is! Clarity washes over me and I am cleansed of my ignorance. I see. And I generally Laugh! It’s so simple…and I didn’t understand at first. Some things just take time.
      Much Love to all you who read these posts and comments. Keep them coming!
      Rev. Les

  5. When I read Sylvia’s comment: “The Earth, Sun, Air, Water, this is all LOVE. We never worry about it appearing it simply is. We are GOD’s children and we lack nothing.” it helped me clarify some things. I can now see where having food in my refrigerator turn into a science project is a form of ungratefulness. And a symbol of not using what has been provided to me.

    And I am not even going to mention Air and my cigarette smoking.

    I understand now why there are some things written here that I don’t follow. It wasn’t meant for me, maybe it was meant for only one person at a critical point in their life. Cool.

    I was confusing what is written here with the pamphlet that is in the works. Since that pamphlet will be a (preliminary?) copy of the chapter on love that Holmes never wrote it should be clear and understood by most everyone.

    But I wonder, will that pamphlet be a chapter in your book: Love: Its Meaning in the Modern World


    • Tim,
      Awesome title! I”ll have to give you credit. Want to write the forward? Lol!
      It’s funny that you shocked mention those things…because I was looking at all the blogs and I began to see a pattern of unfoldment in them. The one I am writing now does in fact refer to consciousness and what is itsbproduct…and it goes into a deeply metaphysical description of the sciences in observation and appearances.
      You…should enjoy the connections.
      Thanks Tim.

  6. “Love: Its’ Meaning in the Modern World” can be the working title, the final title is between you and your publisher. The forward will be by someone well known. I don’t need any credit, my ‘reward’ comes from the source and will, I hope, be of a different nature.

    On the Holmes, RS chapter on love, you will have to do what Holmes did, in this case study love in all the world’s religions and extract the common themes. I would guess your have already done that to a certain degree. I feel it is important to make the use of what you learn and write applicable to everyday living (as Holmes did). So it is helpful to people in their relationships with their significant other and the 15 year old couple dating in high school.

    I am glad you are working science into you knowledge base. After all, the name is Religious Science. It is not your area of emphasis I know, but it is helpful too use examples in talks or writings to support your position. The last speaker at HBCRS said two times that the universe is expanding at the speed of light (to support his point of a limitless, abundant universe). But that is incorrect, the universe is NOT expanding at the speed of light. Took me 5 minutes on the internet to confirm. So if he got that basic scientific fact incorrect, what about the rest of his talk?

    I gotta go. The Alabama (1 in the national rankings) vs. LSU (5 in ranking) football game has started. I have already missed kickoff, oh the sacrifices I make for all this 🙂

    Actually, this is all fun, exciting and very rewarding.


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