Treatment to Remove Obstacles for Success

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Remove Obstacles for Success
Download printable PDF file here:  Treatment to Remove Obstacles for Success

Purpose and Recognition:  Often we discover that we may have certain things that appear to be blocking our success from being within our reach.  These obstacles can be people, ideas, knowledge, or even talents that stand right in our way, like an ugly sore.  Each one of us have within us that which can easily overcome these obstacles, but it must be called forward….Say:

“God is the only Substance.”  Substance is Eternal, emanating from the One.  The One is Truth.  The One is Love.  Love is Omnipresence and Omnipresence is God.  “Spirit is the Substance of God.  God is Life, Truth, Love, Substance, Intelligence, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience.”  There is One God that is above of and through all and in all.  That God is the Fullness and the Allness of everything and It demonstrates as Perfect Action.

Unification: I know that I am governed by and united with Love; guided by, and an expression of the One that is God in me as me.  All that God is, I am; and the very fulfillment of my life is the expression of that Omnipresence of Substance.  I live and move and have my being in Perfect Life.  My Life is the Success of God.

Realization: I know that nothing stands between me and the Truth of who and what I am.  That which appears to limit me has no power over me.  I easily create the Life that I came here to live and God in me is the Substance which fulfills my life as the successful expression of Itself NOW!  Therefore there are no obstacles to success!  There is no obstacle to Life.  Life and Success flow easily and effortlessly through me as the expression of One Infinite Creative Power, casting aside everything that appears to hinder me or deter me.  I look steadily into the substance of all things and I see their Substance is God!  Every seeming obstacle is easily melted under the hot sunlight of the Truth of Love, making the way straight and perfect for my Divine Right Action.  Nothing can take Life from me because nothing can take God from Life.  God and I are One.  All Life conforms to the ease and grace of Love, to the demonstration of fulfillment and to the experience of Success.

Thanksgiving:  I am so very grateful for the realization that I live and move and have my being in that One Infinite Truth that is God.  I give a heartfelt recognition for the Power of Love that flows through me.  I joyfully acknowledge the Spirit of the Divine which gives of Itself Lovingly to me NOW!

Release:  And so I release my Word, that Word which passes all understanding, and creates according to the intentions and meditations of my heart; I release my Word into the Activity of the Law of Mind, knowing, feeling, sensing and believing that it is done.

And so it is.     Amen

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